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Taylor Fisher


Bucyrus, KS, US

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Heaven and Hell


Taylor Fisher

An ocean girl trapped in a country girl's dream,
waves of grain flow through my eyes while waves of the atlantic flow through my mind,
I once knew of a place that felt good to my soul,
I now know a place similiar to hell,
my only escape is in my thoughts, drifting on to a beach,
the sand feels cool on my lighty tanned body,
the stars reflect off the ocean causing me to feel as though Im in space,
as the recessing tides lighty lap onto the shore I am awoken suddenly by the sound of train,
my jealousy towards the train thickens as it charges through,
the train is heading east, towards the shores of my heaven,
the train gets to escape, while I am stuck here,
I head to my basement, a place of santuary,
I settle on the floor between my dad's old surfboards,
I pick out the Eagles record and let the sweet music flow,
the calm beach music quickly sends me back into my dreams,
I have fallen asleep on the cool, moon lit beach,
realizing my dream is not within reach,
and no matter where I am,
I will always be dreaming because nothing will ever be good enough for me,
and as I wake up I will try to turn my hell into my heaven,
and keep my dreams in my head.

My Flower


Taylor Fisher

Among a field of weeds,
a beautiful flower grows,
unable to detect her potential,
living within her own shell,
although the sun doesn't always shine,
the flower still grows time after time,
many weeds jealous of her beauty, try to take her down,
but apon her petals you will find a smile not a frown,
an ugly world is growing around her,
but she still outshines it all,
because within her is a heart unlike the world has ever known,
a heart unlike I have ever known,
and from this flower I have grown,
my seed will grow from her soil and not other's stone,
so that my beautiful flower doesn't have to live alone,
Among a field of weeds,
a beautiful flower grows,
and next to her grows I,
and on my shoulder she leans over and crys.