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Jessica Fischer


Wayne, PA, US

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My tears


Jessica Fischer

I sit here cryin' tears, one after another. No one knows my true fears. My tears are full of anger and pain for no one knows of why they came. One tears travels down my face, full of confusion, sadness and guilt. I cry and cry cuz my life is about to wilt the next tear is full of my mother's words. I know she is right and i need help but i don't want the truth to be heard. She knows who i really am and the way i act around my friends is just a scam. the tear hits my pillow and explodes with emotions. The next drop down my cheek contains thoughts of boys. Im 16... is that really all that is important to me? Girl, you are 16 you need to grow up and concentrate on something else or your life is doomed to be. Will i ever find the right guy? i cant show you the real me because once you see you'll be. i keep on thinking and crying and the more i think about my future the more i wish i was dieing. the tears rush down my face one after another racing for my chin and t!
hen where it goes no one knows. As i begin to calm down i think of the next tear that slowly falls down the same track as my other tears. Gradually there are still tears slipping off my friends have always been there for me, they kept me happy and watch out for me through my life. As the last tear drips from my eye i think of me and my thoughts. My tears are gone and there are none left, my thoughts have left my body. Now there's no more reason for me to cry, im all done with my tears and i feel empty inside. Goodbye