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Vernon L. Finstad


Calgary, AL, CA

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Vernon L. Finstad

As I see a smile through discomfort and rage
I can find hope under anguish and pain

I can find solstice in fear and hate
But hunger rises through want and wait

A consuming soul found in text and prose
It feeds on emptiness, the lonely exposed

Truth explained breeds distance secured
Speech explored negates intentions of cheer

Hearts blacken with length of time
Souls wither in response to grime

Within valley of the shadow of death
I feel an evil grabbing for my chest

Imagination throwing curves misplaced
Retaliation unsure, repressed

A mind that holds dear to itself
Should not lose sight of what's on the shelf

Rotten hopes and withered dreams
Should cause a change not split old seams

With hope renewed from restored complacence
A wish of replenishment for loves creation

The knowledge of past causes innate repression
The sight of future opens unto persuasion