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Jessica Lainie Finlay


Bushnell, IL, US

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Jessica Lainie Finlay

I am wasting away now,
I feel the ever precious life that was once so dear to me,
Slipping out of my hands..
Through my fingers..grazing my finger tips ever so slightly
Why has she gone away..
Why did she go?

She left me here to die in this room
To watch every last day of winter slip by
So cold and frigid..
Like her heart.
And the sping, with warm and brisk breezes
Penetrating every last pore in my body
Until I am numb with the sense of the fragrant roses
In the garden.

I lay here alone in this room,
Reaching for the eternity that waits for me..
To come with haste and sweep me away
To that void in the sky that I see in my dreams.
Why does it stand there looking at me?

As if to torment me..
Make me wait
I see it's hand..
Long and lifeless,
Like a spider's legs,
Twitching and pulsating..
On the verge of something tremendous.

It's eyes never blink and never stop a stare
That cuts into me like a blade that never seems to end,
Twisting around in my soul, plucking away every last speck
of life..until I am none.
It is here to receive me..
To ease my pain..
To take me into his arms
Cradling me like a child
Covering me in black, so heavy and thick..
It soothes me..
Makes me calm..
Until I am gone