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John Files


San Diego, CA, US

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For My Love


John Files

awake to the warm winds,
soft crash of the waves
on the distant shore...

exotic call of the birds
the echoing alarm through the palms.
misty morning ray,
blossom the rainbows
of the island hybicus.

the Prefect Day--

you will awake
under the white sheer canopy,
drifting slowly
across the warm hardwood floor,
Pacific Breeze salty to your tongue.

the sound of muses
singing mermaids to your soul,
the bells off in the distance,
enticing you to dance.

the Perfect Day--

I will meet you
where the cool waves of tides
kiss the black sandy beaches.

The colors of Gods Palatte
painted across the evening sky--
your hand entwined in mine.

The whispers of the waves
thunder the echoes of our vows--
as we stand ankle deep in the water...

I see the sway in the dance
of your white sun dress--
feel the tingle of magic
run across my length--

the flowers in your hair,
honey suckle in the air,
with just a kiss
we can dance into forever.