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As I stare blankly at the computer screen
a sudden vision comes to me
Im drowning in a sea of mud
my friends stand by and watch me struggle
but there to far away, on a distant shore I can barely see
My parents float in a boat near by
but when I ask them for a helping hand
they ask if I did my chores this week!
I become frustrated with there reply
an the mud pulls me farther downstream
Its just teenage moods they say
I'll grow out of these feelings someday
but all I see is the sea of mud
and I know it'll drown me.




"Bizz, buzz
Swish, swoosh
Tink tink tink

So many sounds
unknown to me their orientation
annoyed by the repetitious
thoughts in my mind.

Unexcaple, no matter how far I run
unimaginable, how deep this feeling goes
I just cannot seem to get over...

Clackity, click
shhhhhh, woooosh
sigggggh, snort

The everyday noise a body makes
magnified ten thousand times
because its You, its me...
together in the darkness, supposed to be asleep

Someday I will become brave
stand face to face and say
some of the beautiful words I have saved

For you"