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Shawn Field


Irvington, AL, US

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deafened prayer on the hour


Shawn Field

deafened on the hour

I was young when the ocean forgot my name
the smell of my flesh
taste of my thoughts cruisin' by some 50ft above
placid when boys came to discover men,
failed and left themselves beneath foot
understated with jealousy
loose habits adrift gently with a flighty resonance
seamless when the World fought & survived on principles
treated neighbors & fed families on conversations
smoothe when action fried thru the airwaves caught
by rabbit-ears and left welps on the brains
of children destined to manifest chaotic Daymares during breakfast
conscious when WE weilded awesome triumphs thru imagination
when Big Bro. created the masses from
cardboard & chalk /
socks & buttons with lipstick smiles
elated when WE were barely birthed from the billowy
wombs of virgin daughters /
when the generations SOLD-OUT and parents were
found on auctioning blocks warmed by the holocaust of
saucy when lifetimes collided at unmarked intersections
fueled premonitions
left unknowing ( on a foggy morn )
lucid when laughter was outlawed, jerked &
stained in the eyes/ ears of scientists
as beauty was slain and placed upon microscopic
slides for easier destruction dissection
guarded storage rape
painted with taffy wrinkles and alabaster skin
when symbiotic visions sheered tongues,
and people recoiled to the stage for the Last
Feast on Bretherin
and theatrical props used for the kitchen, the
Almighty Altar /
when colors disappeared & WE were left in
black/ white darkness
when the Sky fell
when Everything Signed OFF

a parting, to the idea


Shawn Field

I watched the end of time pass by. . . . waving excitedly as its stitching
unraveled & fell aloof on the next block over

I watched the end of lifetimes of sorrow come crashing,
weakening its grip on all unknowing servants

I watched Big Bro. put down His hostages & guns
grab His wallet, thumb thru the emptiness, cry poor-
mouth in the
desolate streets of a clearcut, soulless nation
And take His place next to the sleeping prophets of
5th Avenue. . .Drunk on T-Bird

I watched unshaken heroes fall helpless, for nothing was left to fight
the crusades all gone, artifacts recovered & bejeweled
statues pawned
I watched Anarchy run naked thru the parks
stirring the pigeons to shit on Its Head
as It ate the bread crumbs
as It thieved sanity, punctured hearts & caused brain
stem tumors on the children of faceless lives
as It manifested legions of untrained thoughts to
converge on the entropy of the cosmos

I watched the outward awakening & rites of passage follow
the unpronounced heel of man,
unnurtured, frail in Its birth almost contrite
yet. . .in/ of itself mystical, proud

I watched the masses -alone & bitter- conceive ways of filching each other
as they grew in contrast, overwhelmed themselves
as they searched for ancient names to Define
their Desires
their Destinies
as their bosoms sought innocent minds

I watched other's dreams pass us by/ hitch a ride outta town
courteous, brow-beaten
as limits reigned free overhead
as stars littered our sidewalk, choked our driveway
with dull roars
I watched as the Celestial Night blaze with firecracker fright
as She drew close. . . . poison & festering wounds &
betrayal & sanctified horrors &
all asunder plotting to rid the Darkness of Her

We watch days -flicker across the eyes of most-
immortal in their Youth, senile and bed-ridden later

I watch You here, full & complete richness abound
as You kiss my cheek
as You be-still my heart

I feel You Love - You I listen
You I honor with these. . . .my wife

the Speakeasy (pt 1)


Shawn Field

who came howling of injustice, slurring words thru the broken flesh of his
free ideals that fell atop my blanket like orphaned cubs at my door step .....
and when she walked from your life & cursed your listless comments, who
winced when the moonshadow dissipated into the murky waters of the
Atlantic, drowned became legend on E. Chester St and Doris Dr
and when the bottle fell empty who fiendishly streaked into the Night searching
hopelessly, sadistically for family affairs over the telephone
grasping anything that felt right only to stockpile the moments & watch
from the sofa as they grew rotten & soiled & mutated into the creature
$5 feature in the VCR
who read the Book of Knowledge before the birth of his parents, found
those of us next door who had enjoyed the same pages & rejoiced as we all
felt lost among those who saw the arrogance in themselves - embraced
it for a drink, sang to it in the shower BUT stuffed it away when they saw
the sidewalk /
and when the time came to prove ourselves who could remember a
single inked phrase, a word, even the smell of the cover -
we fell but the knowing served greater than any gunfire on a solemn

where were you Dave when i found the envelope unopened, empty on
the brown tile -
where were you Joe when i ripped the envelope & myself, when the Night
witnessed my prayers and my sanity took a hike down the dirt road
to find where i'd misplaced myself
and Gina, where were you when i discovered Icarus' wings and took flight
over the Atlantic zig-zagging the Mediterranean and discovered that
Love quells the soul sedates the heart, clarifies the 3rd eye and . . . .
the imagination of Greece wasn't half as beautiful as Her Stars

who froze in the midnight rain, paralyzed stone pillars - tense and fastened to the sidewalk
while Pitter-Pat's mother came hopping
interjecting and disappearing back to her burrow
- filled with green shag, green berets / mindless filings . . . abandonment
of proposals stale tea all the stammering logic
WE ALL TUmbled
and You sat at the dinner table surrounded by hot dogs, porcelain and butane
- who went skyrocketing around the room tugging at light fixtures
Champion of the Ultrasonic High. Later You Shared. . .
when did you never fight against yourself
when did you never find her in the bathroom
strung-out on acid, seperating consciousness spirituality, the light from
an eyelid and Keith's special brand of madness, fervently whilst we chanted
in our boxes and made friends with demons, forbidden ghosts -
who called to you when she left silent, formless
who sanctified my devils, throned them
passed 'em off as demigods?

the Speakeasy (pt 2)


Shawn Field

who toked & toked 'til the smoke drew figures, lifetimes & posh explanations
FREE in the living room
who slid into the night with a 7-11 smock & bare feet & used-up sloppy
garden hose that triggered a glance from the Pigs, a pullover
a search blasphemous words 'gainst madness - and
'that fairy with you'. . . . me in a tutu and leotards, cocaine white
and from Uncle Louis' racing through knee-deep flakes
. . . i was a drunkard's drunk
i stole the grill from your back stoop

who listened to the savage resonance of wasted lives, crusading engines during
foreign nights. . . found me meditating in a Haze Grey Garden of Steel
the Great Train of Crazies passed us by once more
did the Brohanski Bros. miss you?
could they see you fornicating wiht P. Floyd & Lucy SaDago when the
giant boars invaded / reclaimed our eyes fought against the swarms & dropped
THE MIRROR BALL. . . and still they played. . .
their house burned. memories, children drew fire but Floyd saved
them from them - thank you

who charmed the lackluster, forever missing the sweet brevity, only
to blast thru the parking lot armed with a black Scirrocco/
a tumultuous inquisition ensued by NIS/
those secretive bastards coming from the woodwork & such, running us
down on a sunny day, trapping the pauses thriving on the stutters
probing the involuntary subject
we cried facism - celebrated freedom - pushed marxism -
murdered capitalism - were sold from the auction block with
splinters in our feet
shackles on lips. . .sewn eyelids - who cut their strings from the
puppeteer - fell lifeless to the stage - received a standing ovation -
the Great Train of Crazies has slowed

who gave the name of passive aggressions illegitimately to the night's
shadow, pierced and sultry - unknowing to the corner girl who gave birth
strangely during the night. . . suicidal 'round midday but nonetheless
a mother
young Henny Penny can i have some of your bread?
you gave solemn vows and whimisical Wham-a-dines of Bad ju-ju evil spirits/
when the night sky glistened across her dew. . . your moon fell
when the dank madness came scratchin' the windows who took refuge
who sought out Death
who screamed inside themselves ever regretting the hasty words
and foolish intent. . . . we chose, nurtured

the Speakeasy (pt 3)


Shawn Field

The Great Train of Crazies is here. . .
you EXPLODED onto the scene -
A SEXUAL DYNAMO! grabbing cunts & cocks at the parade,
hoisting flags moving on you groped all the girls, played their ivory keys
who sought me on the 0-4 level?
brought wiht you the DM elixir and witnessed the canopy of sorrow,
the guilty shroud of others racism AND our minds as they danced a jig
to meet. . . i know. . . know
chased melancholy with versed hallucinations, dissertations hollered naked
in the park/
watched bodies rhythmically dance the foxtrot & slink like centipedes
over the earth leaves acorns only to ask for the hour,
smoke your Camels and steal your face for the trip home.
and the snakes made each other
birthed each other, glistened in the sun, left us unknowing/
the creation of mindless apes skulking through the forest
labotomized drones of Serdna-T'nilc
slobbering over the bridges walkways while they talked/
saw the seedy underbelly, mad geniuses sign a pact

The Great Train of Crazies chugged away slowly then fast/furiously outta sight
one of us has left on the train. . .is. . .
i picked up the conductor's cigarette
still moist from his lips
glorious nicotine raced my veins. . . . i was alone
- I finished the Finished smoke

thru the years...thru the unfinished years


Shawn Field

never have i breathed a softer word
than. . . she
from my lips
from my whispers
thru this laugh. . .
of this tongue
naked of me . . .
a raw velvet blaze in chant
a symphony always ligering
perhaps she. . .
the beauty of her voice. . .
a languid desire. . .
tho wouls she rain free
and dance in the cool darkness
of those delicious shadows

cherry blossomed dragon tails


Shawn Field

Cherry blossomed Dragon tails at night
enveloped coddled
by the mystic veil of fear & ignorance -
and if I could just swat my hand thru the airy
being like breaking a soft web ever so delicately
so slightly break into the rip of years never
forgetting, but I must tend to you and keep you
as a stitch on my big toe well then I could
walk anywhere observing talking listening
a walk-about behind myself in the trail of
innocence carefree and yet unknowing
AH! elated from things stirrings -
simple orage-ashed cigarette trails
blazing thru the thickness invoking lost spirits
singing softly whispering skimming the yards
lots . . . .

my aren't we sturdy


Shawn Field

lavish decorations
sumptuous fragrances
brilliantly, splendid sights . . .

When the Devil became
MYTH . . . so did All
the sins of Hell become

falling falling forever


Shawn Field

and i recall just a few weeks ago did a hurricane, puny as it was, barely missed our coast and
veered off to WELCOME Destin, FL -
it was the skies though
the skies swelled UP from the SE
and sang of genuine rebirth from the NE /
trumpeted thru the heavens in showers of golden gentleness &
I'd swear
the clouds were afire and

the in-betweens


Shawn Field

these are the in-betweens -
and it was a Darvocet day when
i blew the World outta my nose -

and i saw Gina naked in moonlight glistening
as a fully bloomed Lotus
and Frank & Helen hungry for intimacy
under the depths of murky waters, still & cool.

and those days passing when bombshells don't drop and babies die in a mother's hold,
when longings seem to blacken the road far ahead
& We're still paying the toll,
when cocks are hard for the moist womb and
fathers are makin' their daughters under the smug safety of their pink canopy beds
and roads weather faster than your last pot drop . . .
when people burn their minds on idiosynchrocies. . . .

it was Dave who rubbed his wife's hot ass every night
before meandering thru crystal-coloured dreams, visions
. . . it was Joe who made it with Kris on E. Chester St. and
we All gathered afterwards like drunken priests to bless
the new apartment with ghastly Whoopings! lively hugs &
Minnie Mouse's pillow case. . .

and it was Dino who made it with Heidi after Christmas in Joe's room
and made it with her sister Kelly the next night then joined
the downstairs for 190 spirits to whimsically suck us All into a Tango
Frolic that outlasted even Mother Night. . . .
it was Lorraine SaDago that made Love to us in the silent beckoning
and Death that peered upon Joe as he wept on my shoulder. . . .

it was Ross who ate drank slept Robo then found himself
in a moment of sheer joy
encapsulated & swimming thru the brown tiled asbestos, out the door -
bogged down in the sidewalk . . .

it was Lee next door who taught us confused rhapsody on that
Lethal Night
of Robo fiends playing in the knifing slants of iced rain
and she who knew the animals Best. . . .

it was Lucious Mary Jane that kept our madness bundled in the closet
outta reach
'til we left her sacred nipple, her honey still dribbling

. . . . it was the gangbangers capping off rounds on a Nothing Night,
beating a kid from his blood
and the handprints are still there, and Juan who gave the dropping blow
that punctuated the close sirens
and chose the mask of Hard Glances to our window. . . .

and it was Jim who came in verses. . . .
it was the phantasm that chose me showed me - and silently
maddened me. . . .
it was the Government that murdered us . . . . it was the
Supernatural Blossoming Night that birthed us, granted sanctuary
entranced us with colours dueled us with passions. . . .

it was Hashem Thigpen who taught us mourning.
slow steps about the ocean & how to cover ears when mermaids
sang hushing lulls
in the Mystical Nights. . . . and his
Cursed death that follows me into the years -
thru motorcycle & car wrecks
drumming sweats, fevered moans that tap
on the windows during
THE invoking of our last Ritual Days

sensual beast


Shawn Field

That Animal - blazened multi-colored tongues
lapping thru the air,
savage lips blessing
the neighbors faces with smoldering kisses
and sooty explanations
of its existence, but they
already know as your creators, your sculptors. And
the scent of ashened leaves drifted my way -
oh! so many fires I've smelled, all with a distinct flavor /
and its embers took flight thru our streets
between the houses
only to breath for a few seconds
then snuff OUT -

I could hear the Destroyer calling swiftly my name -
beckoned my sight,
danced a crackling Jig
for my entertainment.
The heart was intensity in the raw quickened stage -
a can of hairspray exploded into a dazzling
array of severed sparks and with that, it gently
calmed softened -
finally fine.
A furious birth of life and minutes do not seem
long enough to hold such a Demigod!



Shawn Field

hmm. . .stop listen
what's that sound?
it's my friend crawling with a severed back.

where do we let ourselves roam?


Shawn Field

Do stars dance?
why certainly child...
haven't you seen them do the foxtrot?