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Jeanne Fiedler


Washington Twp., NJ, US

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Pink, Inc.


Jeanne Fiedler

I stare at the pink walls
Of my mother's living room
Tomorrow starts
Another week
A short one
Then a winter rest for
Exposure to the cruel elements of work...

I remember that pink is the color of Advent
Expectation and hope..
And maybe a break is needed to experience that...
To rejoice for and remember Jesus..

And pink is the color for little girls... and breast cancer awareness...

It has always been a powerful color
Women are in...
Womane are revolting everywhere..
For human rights...
Little girls
have more to hope for in their lives than we did

Arab women revolt
Women around the world are developing and changing...
For better lives...
And better treatment and respect..
This is our time of progress
Wholeness, Love and Change
Womanhood reigns with gentleness and peace...
and purity of cause...

Reflections of Humanism


Jeanne Fiedler

I looked in the mirror today
It was cracked
on fire...
Flames searing down the middle
A crystal ball cracked in two

I saw waste
and unfulfilled dreams
I saw great fear
and a need to connect...

A need for encouragement
A need for kindness
A need to be kind
with a sense of reality
and judgement

I need to encompass
who I really am
and be her lovingly...

I need to get to the
point where I'm
happy to be me
and help others

To travel this distance
will be a growing experience,
and I will gladly give
and gladly receive
love, compassion, truth
to the fullest potential
all in the name of the Godly
reflection of the human spirit...

Bright Night


Jeanne Fiedler

The sunlight slowly
After an endless dark night,
Engergizing me to take one
step forward,
Giving me a spark of hope,
A small sparkling insight
Emerging as the great light
Of the Earth
Taking steps on
His radiant walkway,
Brilliant light helps and
guides me
To know my love
And his love through
The darkness...
The brilliant life and pathway
Are at once with us
Knowing only the present
Of his spirit,
Love after love
Grows into our
Raises us up...