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Polonius Ficklebottom


Woodbridge, VA, US

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Color the Grass Blue


Polonius Ficklebottom

Color the grass blue, and you will walk on water and waves.
Paint the clouds of red and orange, set the sky ablaze.

Whisper to the shooting stars and travel beyond the moon.
Face your worries, stare down fear, and fear will soon fear you.

Redecorate your grief with a smile and keep your humor.
But do not fight emotions thinking your struggle will end sooner.

Look beneath the depth of skin; let no one judge your face.
Do not create conclusions before you have reached your place.

Explore and make mistakes, that's how everybody learns.
Believe that it is never too late, don't be afraid to turn.

Let no evil speech impale your soul, for these sounds cannot hurt.
You will find that love can exist even when no words can be heard.

Move forward and remember, you learn from the past, but don't live it.
Stand your ground, hold fast, 'til is yours at last, never give in.

-But don't believe that mercy is reserved for those that are weak.
for, in humility, in forgiveness, the great emerge from the meek.

Live, for life is the greatest gift, and it is yours to keep.
There is nothing out there you can't have; there is no one you can't be.