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Betsy Fetter


Manchester, IA, US

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Betsy Fetter

Lost in a whirlwind of humanity-
Vanity calls: my nagging addiction.
Almost seems impossible to humble
In a world so lost from You.
I'm trying to break through these
gripping chains - that scream -
"All you need is yourself."
I'm trying to break through all
the faces i see,
and to see myself-
the way You see me.
I'm in this world for myself.
With each turn i take-
All i do is roll in my pride.
i now realize...
i haven't attained anything.
The only thing i've discovered is:
i just want to please
Lord, take my heart, take my hand-
Lead me towards You.
Take my soul, take my dreams.
All i need is You.

New Horizons


Betsy Fetter

Flowered trees and
painted windows.
Fluffy brezzes and
sunny pleas.
Closed pedals with
open doorways.
Silent dreams with
new horizons.



Betsy Fetter

Tossed in shadows,
scared by darkness.
Crimsome roses,
share my quietness.
Roars of lions,
plea my boldness.
Falling willows,
show my sorrow.
Words of writing,
tell my story.
Listening ears,
share my passion.
Lonely hearts,
feel my yearning.

The Sky


Betsy Fetter

The bright blue sky
blinds my eyes, while
crystal clouds lay softly
upon this morning canvass.

As i sit searching out the window,
i am awed by the vastness of this
sparkling creation.

As it surrounds me so certainly,
how often it is i miss the beauty
of the sky.
It has become only a blanket in the
background because of all that i
allow to lay in between.

i am amazed by the peace, beauty and
tranquilty of this new found sky.
It is there with each new day, but yet-
How often i miss to enjoy and revel in
it's beauty.

i thank you God for the sky and
all the promises You remind me of,
through the beauty in all You have created.