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LisaRose Ferrara


Freehold, NJ, US

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LisaRose Ferrara


M. Pius

How soon this life takes memories
And turns them to despair
It falls, a mighty wave, upon
The crest of what we share

And had I been a fool too long
Too long in dreaming still
Too hard to know your secret
And too blind to see your will

A wiser mind claims memories
And sketches them to gray
Obscures their hues with daunted breath
Then buries them away

How long had I not listened
My ears heard only song
In praying so in vain
That what fell on them may be wrong!

I smile through tormented tears
And understanding feign
My arms still in devotion fold
To stifle all my pain

At last you held a looking glass
To feeble ways of old
But the crumpling child inside me
Wishes you had never told

The dreams I once had tainted
And the hopes I had for you
Are dashed beyond repair
With all the things I thought I knew

How soon this life breaks dreamers
And how foolish can they be
To let sorrow their companion stay
With dreamers such as me!