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Luci Fer


Portsmouth, England, UK

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Luci Fer

Wretched faces the unexpected,
There are no surprises left.
My heart is a black hole,
Diseased and festering,
Ceased it's beating.
Look what you made me;
You're my revelation,
You're my salvation,
You're my respiration,
You're my surprise and...
You could be my devastation.
Wretched fights the unavoidable,
There are no exits left.
Nowhere left for me to go,
I'll always run to you.
You represent my desperation,
You represent my deep elation,
You represent my saddest days,
You represent my only way,
My only choice,
My only voice,
My only way out of here.

Parody Life


Luci Fer

This is my feeling for the day,
everything I love will go away.
This is the moment that I know,
pain is my doorway, there's nowhere to go.

He told her raindrops won't fall in the dark.

This is the only thing that I can say,
love is your one debt you've got left to pay.
I can only see you when I close my eyes,
only your blood will cover your lies.

This is my only way out...
All I have left is all you allow.

Everyone's telling me,
'Don't even look',
at the hole that is left,
from the soul you have took.

He told her raindrops won't fall in the dark.

He lied to protect himself,
she believed in nothing else,
waiting for the sky to fall,
When the rain will drown us all.

He told her raindrops won't fall in the dark,
he told her raindrops won't fall_