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Paul Fenwick


Halifax, UK

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A poem what I have just writ


Paul Fenwick

I began the day with a coughing fit
A pain shot through my back like a fist
I hope the next few days don't feel like this

As beauty slept beside me I silently got out of bed
Trying not to disturb her slumber
Listening to her dreams and murmers

Losing balance as I change my socks
Hand held out as I fall forwards
On to the bed and breaking the silence

It's Coming Soon


Paul Fenwick

What do you think of it so far?
How will you know you've reached the end?
How many roads have you been down?
Why did they lead you all astray?

What makes you think there's any answers?
Precisely what did you mean to say?
Did your dreams have any meanings?
Is this the end or just a new feeling?

Floating on a breeze
Pushed around by seas
It's easy to concede
Theres no fight left in me

Go tell it to the trees
They've watched us all for years
Seen it on TV
What's the point of fighting over peace?

You stand so tall
But I can't reach the cieling
You crush us down
As though we don't have feelings

But one day soon
It's us you'll be fearing
It's coming soon
It's coming soon for you

Who Knows?


Paul Fenwick

Who Knows?
I Don't Know
Than you