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Delores Senkbeil

I'll never forget the wonderful dreams
We shared with each other at night.
Now those dreams are just memories
But they still fill me with delight.

You aroused my passion like nobody could,
You filled my heart with such desire.
A heart that was cold for oh, so long,
Was now filled with a flaming fire.

Your loving arms reached out for me
And held me so close to you.
Two lips kissed me so tenderly,
We shared a love so true.

In dreams our two bodies trembled,
As we made love so passionately.
Sharing those dreams with each other
Was the ony way it could be.

Now my faithful heart is empty.
Once again it feels so cold.
Because of an unpredictable event,
Our wonderful dreams are on hold.



Delores Senkbeil

Let's meet tonight in Wonderland,
Our Wonderland of Love.
So we can fulfill this yearning of ours,
Under that big, bright moon up above.

Where you can hold me in your loving arms,
And we can share a night of bliss.
Our hungry lips have never touched
Not even in a friendly kiss.

My lips are waiting to devour you.
I have such a burning passionate desire,
To kiss you wherever you want me to.
Then set your smoldering heart afire.

Then I want to feel your body close to mine,
Just as close as close can be.
When I whisper, 'Darling, I love you so.'
You pledge your undying love for me.

We can hear the nightingales singing
Somewhere up above.
Oh, what a heavenly night we'll spend
In our Wonderland of Love.



Delores Senkbeil

I slowly opened the door,
And looked into the room.
I saw a shadow on the bed.
Thru the window I saw the moon.

Your arms reach out to hold me,
As I rushed into your embrace.
I felt the tear drops start to flow,
As you slowly stroked my face.

So hungrily you kissed me.
I felt your moist cool lips on mine.
I never felt a thrill like this,
So heavenly, so breathtakingly divine.

Slowly we took a reclining position.
Then you started undressing me.
So happy for the bright moonlight.
Your nude body I now could see.

You pressed me oh, so close to you.
Now your kisses were warm and wet.
As you kept kissing me all over,
The more excited I began to get.

I thank God we got together again.
I'll never let you out of my sight.
No one else could take your place,
You proved it to me tonight.



Delores Senkbeil

The long lonely night is drawing near.
And, oh, my darling you're not here.
You'll never know how much I miss
Your sweet and tender goodnight kiss.

From my window I can see
Lovers happy as can be,
Strolling slowly hand in hand
Gazing at the moon so grand.

The wonderful memories I have of you
Are oh, so very, very few,
But they will have to do, my dear
Until again I have you near.

Maybe fate will lend a hand
And try to make you understand.
For every night I hope and pray
That you'll come back to me some day.

I have a feeling in my heart,
We simply cannot stay apart.
Some day soon I pray that you,
Will find you really miss me too.

DREAMING AGAIN (Sensual Fantasy)


Delores Senkbeil

I wish you were here tonight,
Sharing with me
This mellow music and wine.
Just read your goodnight
Sweet words of love.
After wiping away a few tears of joy,
I closed my eyes, and pretend.

I pretend I am lying in my bed.
You are massaging my back
With your strong, but such gentle hands.
I can feel the tension vanish.
I can feel my passion growing.

You slowly turn me over,
Kiss my feet, ankles and knees.
I feel kisses on the inside of my thighs.
Then I feel your warm, wet tongue
Slowly making it's way
To my chamber of love.

Feel your fingers at the entrance,
Gently opening up the door,
To this private chamber of mine.
I feel my body quiver
With such passionate desire.
Then your lips and tongue
Are savoring my fountain of nectar.
I am at the point of no return.

After loud moans of utter delight,
I hugged my pillow and say 'Good Night'
To my wonderful one.

MISS YOU (Sensual)


Delores Senkbeil

Gee, I never knew
I could miss anyone,
As much as I'm missing you.
I miss your morning kiss,
That gently arouses me from dreamland,
Kissing my sleepy eyes, my sensitive neck,
Then licking my eager lips
Invading them with your moist tongue.

Now your hands are massaging my errect nipples.
I feel the thrill of your tongue flicking each one,
Then kissing them with fervent lust,
While your hands caress my body.

I feel this loving, longing in my heart.
Can't wait for the utlimate fulfillment
Of this God given act of love.
Yes, my dear, I miss you.
Hurry back to me.



Delores Senkbeil

My happinesss is knowing someone like you,
Someone who's always willing to lend an ear.
Who makes my heart feel so happy.
Whenever he is near.

I can tell him anything.
He always seems to understand.
He'll be standing right besides me,
Ready to lend a helping hand.

He kisses so divinely,
Knows exactly what pleases me.
When he holds me tenderly in his arms,
There is no where else I'd rather be.

In this very uncertain world of ours,
We know not what tomorrow will bring.
So let's just live, love and enjoy ourselves,
While we listen to our happy hearts sing.



Delores Senkbeil

i cup your face in my hands
as you arouse from sleep
having moved your hair
from your beautiful face
i slowly feather your lips
with sweet moist kisses
my tongue slowly probes
into your responsive mouth
as our tongues begin to duel
then i begin to kiss you all over
chin cheeks nose eyes forehead
then on your sensitive neck
across your shoulders and breast
then one by one i kiss each---

what a wonderful thrill to wake up to
after a night of dreamless slumber
you know how your kisses excite me
those sweet moist lingering kisses
my breasts are longing for more more
as my nipples are firming up
my whole body is quivering with rapture
so tenderly you draw me close
can't wait to welcome the maleness of you
into my chamber of love.



Delores Senkbeil

Here I am again, my loveable one.
All alone and lonely
Wishing I could be with you.
Guess tonight I'll have to pretend
That you are here with me.

Perry Como's romantic voice
Is singing 'The Nearness Of You.'
You ask me to dance.
Oh, what a thrill!
Haven't danced in years.

You put your arms around me,
And hold me so close to you,
As slowly we sway
To the slow tempo of the music.

I feel your cheek next to mine.
You whisper sweet love words in my ear.
Then you pull me closer, closer.
I can feel the hard maleness of you.

You're taking my breath away!
My heart's beginning to race!
Before the song has ended
We're still clinging together,
But we're lying on the sofa.

Our anxiety is showing,
As we quickly remove the barriers,
So I can gently direct you to
My awaiting chamber of love.

'There is only one happiness in life,
To love and be loved.'
- George Sands -



Delores Senkbeil

It's such a beautiful night for love.
Look at that big, yellow moon up above.
A soft summer breeze is cooling the air,
Hold me tight, darling, and tell me you care.

It's been so long, dear, kiss me again.
I've been dreaming of this since heaven knows when.
You set me on fire, just with your touch,
Darling, you know I love you so much.

I have so much to say, how shall I start?
Hold me closer, dear, and I'll pour out my heart.
But why should we talk with that moon up above,
And oh, such a beautiful night made for love.



Delores Senkbeil

We've come to the end of another day,
For some it's been joyous, carefree and gay.
For others the sky hasn't been quite so blue
But maybe tomorrow their dreams willl come true.

Slowly the shadows of nighttime come creeping,
Lovers their rendezvous soon will be keeping.
Soft silver moonlight may lighten their way,
What a perfect ending for a perfect day!

If tonight should find you a little bit blue,
And, maybe those dreams just didn't come true,
Things really aren't as bad as they seem,
So go to bed, dear, and dream, dream, dream.

May all your dreams be happy and bright
And keep you contented all thru the night.
Tomorrow I'm sure things will go your way
For remember tomorrow's another day.



Delores Senkbeil

My, darling, can't you really see
How very much you mean to me?
I miss you more than you can guess,
Longing so for your caress.
Don't let me wait forever.

I can't forget your kiss so sweet.
Only you could make my life complete.
It's you my heart is crying for,
Oh, just to be with you once more!
Don't let me wait forever.

Love is such a crazy thing,
At times it makes you want to sing,
But when your lover's gone from you
All it does is make you blue.
Don't let me wait forever.

I've been so very blue, my dear,
Wishing so that you were here.
Now I've confessed my love for you,
So, darling, if you love me too
Please, don't let me wait forever.



Delores Senkbeil

Don't think you're so smart
When you smoke that cigarette.
You're shortening your life minute by minute
Now just don't you forget.

Oh! today you're feeling super!
There's nothing you can't do!
Smoking is still the 'in thing'
How can it be bad for you?

It's bad for you in so many ways,
I'm sure you're aware of this.
Unless your loved ones also smoke
How could they bestow you a kiss?

Cigarettes have an odor
That's simply overpowering.
You can't get rid of the stink you have
Even with daily showering.

You lungs were always so pure and clean,
Till you smoked that cigarette.
Since all that tar is buildng up,
CANCER is what you'll get.

Do you really need that pacifier?
No matter what price you pay?
No, you really don't need that crutch,
Throw those DAMM killers away.



Delores Senkbeil

My devoted love for you will last forever.
There will be no one but you for me forever.
I adore your talented charms
While you hold me in your arms,
I know my love for you will last forever.

I want these dreams of you to last forever.
I want to enjoy your strong warm body forever.
My love for you is so strong
And I've loved you for long.
I pray this love of ours will last forever.



Delores Senkbeil

Some memories are very precious
And we remember them so well,
Some are like the secrets
That we'd rather not tell.

Memories I have of you are cherished,
I think of them night and day.
They even sneak into my dreams
Then slowly fade away.

Sometimes I even wonder
Was it a dream or was it real?
These crazy mixed up emotions,
That for you, my dear, I feel.

Some day I pray you'll tell me,
What's keeping us apart.
I hope the memory you'll never forget,
Is the night I gave you my heart.



Delores Senkbeil

Hop on my magic carpet, dear.
I'll take you for a ride.
How great it will be to travel
With you here by my side.

First we'll zoom to Paris
The capital of France
Maybe along the boulevards
We'll find a place to dance.

Would you like to go to Switzerland
And ski the slopes with me?
We'll try their great hot chocolate
Or maybe a cup of tea.

Next we'll fly to Germany.
Berlin would be just fine.
There we'll find a little cafe
And sip a glass of wine.

We'll have to visit St. Peter's Church,
The largest church in Rome
Where we'll say our prayers for everyone
And then we'll zoom back home.

MY FIRST DATE (True Story)


Delores Senkbeil

It was summertime, I had just turned sixteen
And I was waiting for my very first date.
I was so nervous and excited,
I hoped he wouldn't be late.

I introduced him to my Mom and Dad
When he came to the door around eight.
I still can remember my Mom telling Bob,
Now don't bring her home so late.

There was a big space between us,
As down our tree-lined street we walked.
None of the guys had cars in those days,
So we strolled down the street, while we talked.

A carnival was in town that week,
So that's where we were heading.
I had met Bob about two months before
At my second cousin's wedding.

When we got there it was really crowded,
Calliopes blaring and people everywhere.
It was getting kinda windy,
But nobody seemed to care.

'What would you like to do.' Bob asked.
I said I really didn't know.
'Would you like to play games, go on rides,
Or take in a Midway show?'

Well, we opted for some shooting games,
I knew Bob would be good at that.
He won for me a big, brown teddy bear
With a bright red heart shaped hat.

Then I remember going on a ride,
Where we were alone in a very small room.
We had to wait till the rooms were filled,
Before the ride could resume.

I was hugging my big brown teddy bear.
We had run out of things to say.
Finally Bob looked at me very shyly
And took my teddy bear away.

He gently put his hand on my chin
And looked into my eyes.
Then he kissed me oh, so tenderly,
WOW! what an unsuspecting surprise.

All of a sudden the room started shaking,
My teddy bear fell to the ground.
The walls and the ceiling started moving
And everything went round and round.

It only lasted a very short time
But, this kiss had started me reeling.
I'll always remember the double dose I got
Of this dizzy, wonderful feeling.

Finally we slowly started walking home.
Too soon we were at my door.
Where he took me lovingly in his arms,
And tenderly kissed me once more.



Delores Senkbeil

Come ride on my magic carpet with me.
We will fly from fields of roses and clover,
To our special cottage on the edge of forever.
Where we will stand on a balcony,
And watch moonbeams dance on the water.

Behind us candles are flickering.
We are dressed in the skin of our birth.
We explore secret places, we've only dreamed of.
We pleasure each other in new and exciting ways.

Then we dance to soft music
Created by Heaven's Angel Band.
Magic pulls us together
In a deep passionate kiss,
Whie our bodies sink down
To a soft red velvet rug.

Our mouths fuel the fire
With dueling tongues.
Two hungry souls unite
With two aching hearts,
As the waves billow,
We rock with eternity.
My perfect lover and I.



Delores Senkbeil

It's very hard to discribe,
This carefree love I feel for you.
I'm happy just to know
You somehow feel it too.

It's like the fresh clear air
After a summer thunder storm.
It makes your heart feel sated,
Makes it feel so pleasantly warm.

It's great to know that someone,
Cares the way you feel.
You sometimes often wonder
Is this someone real?

I hope this carefree love I feel,
Which so often makes me smile.
Doesn't leave me in a month or two,
But sticks around awhile.



Delores Senkbeil

Today is the only day
We should think about.
It is ours, ours alone
Beyond any doubt.

Yesterday is gone,
It will never come back again.
It only left us memories
To think of now and then.

Tomorrow is forever,
It has yet to be born.
Don't worry about tomorrow
It'll make you forlorn.

So, TODAY is the day
To live, to enjoy and to love,
To make the best of everything
And to thank our God up above.



Delores Senkbeil

Oh, if I could just spend
One whole night with you.
How exciting that would be!
It makes me quiver with passionate delight.

I would serve you a candlelight dinner,
With the aroma of roses filling the air.
We'd listen to soft sweet mellow music,
While sipping our favorite wine.

After dinner we'd spend some time
Reading our erotic love poems,
Written for this special occasion.
Soft kisses would follow,
As we'd hold each other tight.

Then you'd take my hand and kiss it,
And ask me for a dance.
You'd draw me into your loving arms.
Two long time aching hearts, so close.
Together for the very first time.

Before the evening ended,
Our love would be fulfilled.
Something we'd been dreaming of
For soooo long.
Oh, if I could just spend
One whole night with you.



Delores Senkbeil

I wake up from a peaceful sleep.
I feel soft wet kisses brushing my face.
Then a wet tongue invading my lips.
Now I feel my heart beginning to race.

I pretend I'm still in slumberland,
While my whole body is so tenderly kissed.
Oh, such joy and rapture I feel.
This is the kind of lovin' I've missed.

Slowly I open my sleepy eyes,
Your smiling face I see.
I put my arms around you,
And pull you closer to me.

The world rocks as we explode.
Our passion has now been fulfilled.
We keep on holding each other tight.
Our racing hearts have now been stilled.



Delores Senkbeil

We were walking down this shady lane,
Just you and I,
When suddenly we heard a rumble
And looked up in the sky.

The stormy clouds were gathering
The sky was getting dark,
We hoped to find a shelter
Somewhere in this park.

My uncle has a hunting cabin
Somewhere on this lane.
Maybe we could find it
And get out of this driving rain.

We did find the hunting cabin,
And the door was unlocked!
You can imagine how surprised we were
In fact, we were really quite shocked.

So we just walked in, it felt so good
To get out of this cold, wet weather.
What a nice cozy little room
To spend some time together!

The first thing we did was to shed our clothes,
We were soaked right thru to our skin,
We found two nice warm blankets
That we could wrap ourselves in

The logs you had lit in the fireplace
Were slowly starting to glow.
While sitting on the sofa, you whispered
'My darling, I love you so.'

In a very short time one blanket was shed
And we were enclosed in just one.
I felt your warm body next to mine
It was just so heavenly, hon.

We exchanged the sofa seat for the rug
In front of the fireplace.
By now I was so excited
My heart was beginning to race.

So tenderly you kissed me,
Pressed your body close to mine.
I'm sure, we'll always remember, dear,
Making love for the very first time.



Delores Senkbeil

I wake up and you're lying besides me.
Am I dreaming, or is this for real?
I watch you sleep for awhile.
I can't resist kissing the tip of your nose.

Then I brush you lips with mine.
Slowly your eyes open up.
You look at me and smile.
Then reach out and pull me close to you.

Very gently I stroke your face,
Open up your lips with my fingers,
Feel your tongue licking them, sucking them.
Then I give your lips a passionate kiss.

Slowly I proceed, caressing and kissing your body.
Down to my treasured chamber invader,
Which is now ready to pay me a visit.
And I lead him straight to the door.



Delores Senkbeil

Sometimes love is very special.
You feel it so deep in your heart.
It's not a love you were seeking
But a love where fate played a part.

You have such a warm and glorious feeling
Whenever that person is near.
You know they'll never know
That this is the way you feel.

Love is like a clinging vine
It just keeps growing and growing.
But sometimes you begin to wonder
Just where this love is going.

Make sure this love will always stay
Locked up in your heart,
Because this is a very special love,
A love that will NEVER depart.



Delores Senkbeil

I remember the day you moved,
Into the house next door to ours.
It was a warm, humid summer day
Filled with the sweet scent of flowers.

You were around seventeen years old,
And I had just turned sixteen
You came over, shook my hand
And told me your name was Dean.

When you looked into my eyes
I could feel my poor heart reeling,
With your blond hair and baby blue eyes,
You certainly were appealing.

You had your friends, I had mine,
So we seldom got together,
Except when you gave me a ride to school
During very inclement weather.

Whenever you were near me,
My heart would skip a beat.
Especially when you'd say to me,
'Gee, you really are sweet.'

After your graduation, you went away to school
But, my desire for you did not depart.
What's a girl like me to do,
With this breaking, yearning, aching heart?

All the other guys I knew,
Just didn't appeal to me.
You're the one I kept thinking of,
The one I longed to see.

The night of my Senior Prom,
I came home quite late,
To find you standing there alone
Besides our garden gate.

You took me into your loving arms,
And confessed your love for me.
I cried because I knew that now,
I have a heart that's free.



Delores Senkbeil

I feel so lonely tonight,
And have since you've been gone.
The days go by quite fast,
But the nights are oh, so long.

Miss those sweet love words,
You'd whisper in my ear.
All the tender lovin'
That I now hold so dear.

The way you'd bathe my body,
With such sweet moist kisses.
All the erotic pleasure you'd give me,
Is what my poor heart misses.

My chamber of love is just aching,
For a long, long visit from you.
The door is always open,
To receive your love so true.

Just read many of the love words,
That were sent to me from you.
Until you're in my arms again,
I guess they will have to do.



Delores Senkbeil

Those twinkling diamonds from up above
Are shining down on the one I love.
We have our arms around each other
For me there'll never be another.

Does she feel the same way too?
Or will she some day be untrue?
Once before my heart was broken
About this, to her I've never spoken.

Love is such a crazy thing
Sometimes it's just a temporary fling.
But being in love is such a pleasure,
Memories of which you'll always treasure.

Right now things are really fine,
As I feel your lips kissing mine.
If our love is a bad endeavor,
Memories of you will last forever.



Delores Senkbeil

Another day has gone by.
I'm lying here in bed.
Only thoughts of you, my dear
Are going thru my head.

Oh, what a precious night it was!
Two lonely hearts beating as one.
Loving, laughing, kissing,
Nothing could be more fun.

You're so very talented,
When it comes to satisfying.
To you it comes so naturally,
Without a lot of trying.

I can stil feel all those kisses,
And I don't mean on my lips.
And the heavenly tender caresses,
With your experienced finger tips.

I love the joy and rapture,
Just knowing someone like you.
There is so much about you that thrills me,
And puts some sparkle into my life too.



Delores Senkbeil

What a beautiful galactic evening!
Just you and I, the stars and the moon.
I was just aching to spend an evening with you.
Never thought it would be this soon.

We're heading toward our favorate spot,
Under an old gnarled ancient tree.
I remember the night we came here,
And you gave your first kiss to me.

The tree was on the edge of a precipice,
Which gave us a breathtakingly view.
You pulled me so close and whispered,
'My darling, how much I really love you!'

So tenderly you caressed my body,
Called me your little concubine,
Told me you'd love me forever,
And said, 'forever you will be mine.'

We were numb with physical passion.
The fire in our hearts just burned.
We almost lost our consciousness,
But finely our senses returned.

We hurried back to our motel,
So we could fulfill this erotic desire.
Where once again we could become one,
And put out these aching heart's fire.



Delores Senkbeil

What can you do for an aching heart?
I really wish I knew.
Neither a doctor or a dentist
Can offer comfort for you.

The pain it inflicts is a steady pain
It just doesn't go away,
You feel it in the morning when you awake
And it stays with you all day.

You talk to your heart and tell it
Stop! this is no good at all,
But it's like a turbulent river
Going over a water fall.

There is no way to stop the hurting,
Except maybe, with a prayer or two.
God may be able to stop the pain
And help you see this thru.



Delores Senkbeil

Just me, sending my love to you.
Just me, missing you more each day.
The sun doesn't shine in my heart anymore,
Now that you're so far away.

Oh, how I miss the heat of your body,
So close to me when I'm in bed.
Now I have to be content
With my body pillow instead.

Wish my pillow could kiss me,
And fill me with such desire.
Wish my pillow could hold me
And set my heart on fire.

Now if my pillow were you,
Right now we'd be entwined as one.
But with only this stupid pillow,
It really isn't any fun.

As soon as your job is done, my sweet,
Please hurry back to me.
So I can replace my pillow with you
Oh, how happy my heart will be.



Delores Senkbeil

When you're feeling very blue,
Wish your dreams would all come true,
And you don't know what to do.
Close your eyes and --- just pretend.

Pretending is like a dream, you know.
It helps you when you're feeling low,
But you can go where you want to go.
Close your eyes and ---just pretend.

Maybe he's kissing you, holding you tight.
Maybe caressing you all thru the night.
He'll always be with you, making things right.
Close your eyes and---just pretend.



Delores Senkbeil

Last night I had a really crazy, wonderful dream.
I dreamed I was siting on a swing
In a rose scented garden.
I looked up at the velvety dark starless sky.
Not even a sliver of a moon.

Suddenly a bright shining star
Made it's way through the ebony darkness.
I rememeber, as a kid,
We used to wish upon the first star in the sky
So I wished for the one I miss so much.
The star started getting brighter and brighter,
As it slowly floated down to me.

I shivered with excitement and closed my eyes.
I felt two hands caress my face.
When I opened my eyes again, I saw YOU.
The one and only love of my life.
You were dressed in your birthday suit,
So tall, muscular and terrific!

Two arms reached out to hold me.
Then I slipped off the swing.
Two arms held me so close,
Kissed me passionately, then started undressing me.
The moss covered ground was an ideal blanket.
For two loved starved lovers like us.
In minutes we were both so ready, willing and able,
And our two eager bodies became one.

Then you whispered that you loved me so much,
And that you'd love me forever and ever.
And then you were gone.
The night sky was getting brighter.
Millions of stars now were shining up high.
But, I only saw the biggest brightest one.
That gave me this memorable, heavenly night of erotic bliss.



Delores Senkbeil

Time to go to bed,
To rest my weary head
And spend some time
Alone with you in dreamland.

Maybe you'll be there
With precious time to spare,
Or maybe I will have to
Wait for tomorrow night.

When things don't go my way
All thru the long, long day,
I think about the dream
We'll share that night.

When I meet somebody new,
They can't compare with you,
You're the only one
I want to be with.

So tonight I hope and pray,
All things will go my way,
So I can spend some time
Alone with you in dreamland.

I WISH, I WISH, I WISH (Sensual)


Delores Senkbeil

I'm dreaming away the hours,
Each and every night.
Wondering how that someone is.
Just hoping he is all right.

I miss him oh, so very much,
Wish he were here with me.
Wish he were holding me close to him,
As close as close can be.

I wish I could feel his fingers,
Softly caressing my lips and face.
Then so tenderly caressing my body,
Making this eager heart of mine race.

Wish I could hear him whisper those love words,
So softly before kissing me.
With a kiss that makes me quiver,
With such fervent ecstasy.

How I wish our bodies were melding,
Fulfilling this passionate desire.
Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish,
He was here to put out this fire.



Delores Senkbeil

For the very first time
I'm feeling, the nearness of you.
This grand glorious feeling
Is just to good to be true.

You put your arms around me
And held me so close and tight.
I could feel your strong, warm body,
Everything seemed oh, so right.

Two hearts, longing for this moment,
But, thought it could never be.
For these few precious moments
You'll belong to me.

Since you belong to another,
I know I don't stand a chance,
But my heart will always remember
When you asked me for this dance.



Delores Senkbeil

I was cleaning the attic the other day,
And much to my surprise!
I found my old brown teddy bear
With the big, dark beady eyes.

You won this for me at a carnival
Some years before we were wed.
Before I had you, my teddy bear
Would cuddle with me in my bed.

How I loved this cuddly teddy bear!
I'd make believe he was you.
I'd whisper sweet nothings in his ear
And make him kiss me too.

After you and I tied the knot,
I no longer needed my teddy bear.
I packed him away with many things
And thru the years had forgotten where.

So happy to have found my teddy bear,
Who still looks as good as new.
So now when our new baby comes along,
It will be able to cuddle him too.



Delores Senkbeil

My days are filled with contentment.
I hope this joy never ends.
For never in my entire life
Have I had so many wonderful friends.

I always enjoyed writing poetry,
Ever since my grade school days.
Now that I started to write again
It helps me in so many ways.

It helps me express my feelings,
That come right from my heart.
I write about things that inspire me,
I'll never let these feelings depart.

The Poetry Sites on the internet,
Is where conversation never ends.
This is the place I go each day
To meet with my wonderful friends.



Delores Senkbeil

I'm so lonely, I don't know what to do.
Yet, I'm so happy my loneliness is for you.
I've been lonely before, when I had no one to love,
Then God sent me you from heaven above.
You're not here, we're so far apart,
Yet I know you are always, right here in my heart.
When you are lonely for that someone out there
And you know how much that someone does care,
Then loneliness is an every day pleasure
A loneliness you really should treasure.



Delores Senkbeil

Never thought I'd feel this way.
It seemed like such sweet bliss.
Does everyone feel such rapture
After sharing just one kiss?

Maybe it was the atmosphere
That big full moon up above.
Or maybe it was the wine we drank
That sparkled up this love.

The spark rushed thru my body
From my toes right to my heart.
We held each other very tight
Not ever wanting to part.

You tilted up my face
And looked into my eyes.
I could tell by your expression,
That you were just as surprised.

Is this how we fall in love?
Is this at least a start?
I think it is for what I feel,
Comes from deep down in my heart.



Delores Senkbeil

Everything changes as the years go by.
Except some things like the color of the sky.
And the fleecy white clouds way up above,
And the chirping of the birds and the cooing of the doves.
And the sounds of the seasons, first being Spring.
And the joy and the rapture Spring can bring.
And the hot days of Summer most everyone enjoys.
And the joyful laughter of girls and boys.
And the crisp, clean air winter can enfold.
And no one really minds when the weather's cold.
Yes, everything changes thru the years, til true.
Except these things and my special love for you.



Delores Senkbeil

I have these beautiful memories of you,
Stored deep inside of my heart.
I never really thought, my dear,
That we would ever part.

I remember those thrilling caresses,
Always so feathery and light.
Just thinking about them now,
Fills me with shivering delight.

You were never in a hurry
To prove your love for me.
So by the time you got to the ultimate spot,
I was just as ready as I could be.

Now all I have are these memories.
I'm as lonely as lonely can be.
I hope and pray, that maybe someday,
You'll decide to come back to me.



Delores Senkbeil

You locked up my heart,
Then threw away the key.
So I believed you when you said
You'll always belong to me.

I wish I could find that key
You carelessly tossed away.
I know my heart is lonesome
Being locked up this way.

The love we shared together
Since you walked into my heart,
Was so sincere and heavenly.
I never thought we'd part.

But you left me for another,
How I wish I could be free,
To live again and love again,
But that will never be.



Delores Senkbeil

Even tho' we're so far apart
It feels like you've stolen a part of my heart.
I'm really acting like a child
With my imagination running wild.
There's nothing I could say or do
To make this crazy dream come true.

So I guess I'll just enjoy this feeling,
That makes this stupid heart start reeling.
Some day I'll look back and say,
'How could you ever feel this way?'
But all these memories I'll endeavor,
To hold in this heart of mine forever.



Delores Senkbeil

Remember me? I'm the one
Who taught you how to love,
That one warm night so long ago
Under that moon mellow sky up above.

There was a magnetic force in the air,
It kept drawing us so close together.
Then your soft tender lips were touching mine
With a kiss as light as a feather.

The spark of that kiss ignited my heart,
With a fire that burned so brightly.
I guess you were a bit surprised,
When I held you oh, so tightly.

I could tell this thrill you were feeling,
Was a very new feeling for you.
You didn't push me away, my dear,
But you didn't know what to do.

So, I decided to teach you,
Everything I knew about love.
It was so easy, you learned so quickly,
Under that moon mellow sky up above.



Delores Senkbeil

There's someone out there who longs for you,
Thinks of you day and night.
There's someone out there who misses you,
Longs to hold you tight.

That someone remembers those nights of love,
With passion beyond compare.
Passion so warm and overwhelming,
Only the two of us could share.

Someone is praying every night,
That you'll be back some day.
'Sweetheart, I just couldn't forget you.'
Is what I'd love to hear you say.

Time cannot heal my broken heart,
It's had so much wear and tear.
Unless, someday you'll remember,
That there still is that someone out there.



Delores Senkbeil

Maybe I will find you
Someday, sometime, somewhere.
If I just keep on looking,
Maybe someday you'll be there.

How will I know when I find you,
That you're the one I idolize?
I'll just feel the love surrounding us,
And I'll see it in your eyes.

Your eyes are the windows of your heart,
I see them clearly in my dreams.
When they gaze at me so tenderly,
The dream is real, it seems.

We met in my dreams just recently,
We loved, we laughed, we kissed.
Maybe, if this dream ever comes true,
We'll realize all the lovin' we've missed.

Well, here I am still dreaming,
That our love is here to stay.
I just can't give up, my darling,
Maybe I will find you some day.



Delores Senkbeil

You are my life, my love, my everything.
You're sweeeter than the breath of spring.
You make me happy, you make me smile.
You make every day so worthwhile.
You put such rapture in our kisses.
You made me realize what bliss is.

You know exactly what to do.
You know what excites me thru and thru.
You are my inspiration, my guiding light.
You watch over me every night.
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do
For this loveable angel from heaven - YOU.



Delores Senkbeil

Once upon a time
There was this girl and guy,
They never met in person,
And I will tell you why.

They met each other on the internet.
Had a long distance love affair.
When they needed a shoulder to cry on,
Someone was there to care.

A day by day romance,
That went on for many years.
There was always a lot of laughter,
Never any tears.

They never shared a kiss,
Or held each other tight.
Except in all the sweet dreams,
They each had every night.

Suddenly the affair ended,
I'm very sorry to say.
One day an angel came,
And took the girl away.



Delores Senkbeil

Teenage love can be a wondrous thing,
You feel happy all day long.
Your love for each other is so perfect,
Nothing could ever go wrong.

When you look into your sweetheart's eyes,
You're thrilled she belongs to you.
And it's so wonderful to know,
She feels the same way too.

The love you share may go on and on,
And you feel your love is so strong.
Nothing in this world is a real sure thing,
Then you realize everything's going wrong.

The pain you feel for a long long time,
Seems almost too hard to endure.
Since you fell in love once, it'll happen again,
Of this you can be sure.

The experiences you had with this romance,
I'm sure is just a starter.
There are so many lessons I know you've learned,
So the next time you'll be smarter.



Delores Senkbeil

Sweetheart, the love I share with you,
Is so rare, it seems unreal.
I just could never ever explain,
Exactly the way I feel.

This love is so very different,
I'm never sad or blue.
I feel so happy every day,
Whenever I think of you.

There's something my heart keeps telling me,
'Be careful, keep it cool,
You know this love is not for you,
Don't be a silly fool.'

'But I'm not hurting anyone,'
I talk back to my heart.
'We'll never be together,
We'll always be apart.'

We share our thoughts and feelings,
Each and every day.
I feel you're right besides me,
But you're very far away.

It will never be any different,
But I can't say that I care.
I'll enjoy it while it's here right now,
This very rare love we share.



Delores Senkbeil

Now that you caught me hook, line and sinker,
Why are you being such a hell of a stinker?
You said you would be here tonight around eight.
Just how long do you expect me to wait?

The time right now is ten fifteen.
Darling, how could you be so mean?
Then when I see you, what do I get?
A lot of excuses that to me are all wet.

You are still the only one I adore,
But, you just don't seem to love me no more.
I gave you all the love I possess,
Supposedly giving you great happiness.

All those nights of love we shared,
Made me feel you really cared.
If you want to throw me back into the sea,
Unhook me, my dear, and let me be free.



Delores Senkbeil

If I could be with you tonight,
I would hold you oh, so tight.
I'd never let you go.

If I could capture all your charms,
While I'm holding you in my arms.
I'd never let you go.

If I could kiss your lips so tender,
And you would willingly surrender,
I'd never let you go.

If I could only call you mine,
Make love to you all the time.
I'd never let you go.

If I would only wake up and see,
You could never belong to me.
So, I'll just HAVE to let you go.



Delores Senkbeil

My dreams of a lover have always been,
Someone exactly like you.
Someone who cares so lovingly,
Who makes all my dreams come true.

Someone who kisses so tenderly,
When he holds me in his arms,
Then gets a little more passionate,
As he shows me all his charms.

I feel my whole body tingling,
With his body so close to mine.
His loving has been so fulfilling,
Ever since the very first time.

I love him more and more each day,
He's the lover I've always dreamed of.
I'm sure he was meant just for me.
God sent him down for me to love.



Delores Senkbeil

It's been a long time now, since you left me.
I'll never forget our last night.
There was something about you so different.
The love we just shared, wasn't right.

After the lovin' you held me,
The way you usually do.
But I could tell in my heart, dear,
Something was bothering you.

I looked into your dreamy eyes,
Saw no desire there.
Please tell me, dear heart of mine!
Does he no longer care?

With tears in your eyes, you told me.
You just didn't know what to do.
There was someone you had recently met,
And thought you loved her too.

Never, in my wildest dreams,
Did I doubt your love for me.
So now, you've found another,
And want me to set you free.

After my anger abated,
I kissed you tenderly.
This was the last kiss we shared,
While my tears flowed endlessly.

My life has been so miserable.
Miss you more than words can say.
Keep hoping and praying all the time,
That you'll come back some day.

But love is not a two way street.
Time will heal my sorrows.
My heart tells me I'll find love again,
And there'll be many better tomorrows.



Delores Senkbeil

In this crazy messed up world of ours,
My bright shining star is you.
You're my halo of inspiration,
In everything I do.

You're like the crystal clear water,
That flows from mountain streams,
And like the silvery moonlight
That lightens up my dreams.

You're always kind and gentle,
When you make love to me.
The rapture I feel every time,
Is really quite new to me.

My knight in shining armor,
I won't share with anyone,
My sweetheart from heaven,
Who's always so much fun.

Come walk along besides me,
Thru the doorway of tomorrows.
Let us share our happiness,
And together endure our sorrows.



Delores Senkbeil

Why do I feel
This elated adoration,
For the one who
Gives me so much inspiration.

Why? because he's so amiable,
Kind and sweet,
So complimetary
Every time we meet.

When I do something for him
He's so appreciative.
When it's time to be poetic
He's so innovative.

A sweet dear friend
Is what he is to me.
And a long time friend,
I hope he'll always be.



Delores Senkbeil

You'll never know the sorrows
Loving you has brought to me.
My days and nights are so empty now.
My heart will never be free.

You took my life along with you,
The night you walked away.
I begged you for just one more chance,
But you refused to stay.

I cry myself to sleep at night,
And pray for your return.
I miss your warm willing body,
For your tender love I yearn.

How can I love another?
My heart wants only you.
The way I feel right now, my dear,
My life of lovin' is through.

I don't ever want to be hurt again,
I don't want any new tomorrows.
I just want to be happy by myself,
Be free from a life of sorrows.



Delores Senkbeil

There are so many memories I have of you,
So many dreams that really came true.
I'll remember them always.

Those long walks we took every night,
Sometimes when the moon was so bright.
I'll remember them always.

You tenderly took me in your arms,
Showing me all of your wonderful charms.
I'll remember them always.

The rapture I felt was so completely devine,
When your soft sweet lips were kissing mine.
I'll remember them always.

All of these precious memories I will endeavor,
To store in my heart forever and ever.
I'll remember them always.



Delores Senkbeil

I wish my heart was made of wood
So no one could break it in two.
I'm such a fool when it comes to love.
Now I'm being a fool for you.

When things go astray, I wonder
Am I being too easy going?
Maybe I should hide my feelings,
And keep my heart from showing.

For me that's just too hard to do,
My heart has a mind of its own.
True feelings stem right from the heart,
So I have to make my feelings known.

I'm so much in love with you, my dear,
You make me feel so good.
I have a heart that belongs to you
But it's not made of wood.



Delores Senkbeil

Lets walk together side by side,
Down the long, rocky road of life.
There'll be many rocky roads to conquer,
Many hours of pain and strife.

Always stay here besides me,
And give me your love each day.
Cheer me when I'm lonely,
Chase all those blues away.

I'll try so hard to please you,
As we stroll thru life together.
When the sun in the sky is shining,
Or during all our stormy weather.

We'll have many disagreements, I'm sure,
Sometimes a verbal fight,
Let's vow to end them when we retire,
With a long, loving kiss 'Goodnight.'
Let's be honest with each other
So there's nothing left to hide.
Let's enjoy our lifetime together,
As we walk side by side.



Delores Senkbeil

All the memories I have of you,
Are in my dreams, my sweet.
Sometimes it hurts to realize,
We both know we'll never meet.

Your throbbing heart so close to mine,
In a tender loving embrace.
Your moist sweet lips are kissing mine,
As I gently stroke your face.

You caress me and enfold me,
And hold me oh, so tight.
Another pleasant memory,
Is being fulfilled tonight.

I dream is a wonderful memory.
Dreams are never real.
But think of the morning after,
How wonderful they make you feel!
Two lonely hearts getting together,
After a hectic day I'm free.
To tell you in my dreams tonight,
How much you mean to me.



Delores Senkbeil

Your love is like the sunshine
On a bright and summery day.
Your cheerful disposition
Chased all the clouds away.

Your love is like the raindrops,
Falling from above.
Saturating my body,
With the essence of your love.

Your love is like a rose petal,
So fragil, so fragrantly sweet.
I love you more and more, my dear,
Every time we meet.

Your love is like the morning dew,
clinging like silvery mist.
Fresh and delightful,
Like the sweetness of your kiss.

Your love means all the world to me,
You are my brightest star.
Everything that is wonderful,
My dear, is what you are.



Delores Senkbeil

I'm dreaming dreams that can't come true.
Why does my heart want only you?
There's somebody taking my place tonight.
She's in your arms, you're holding her tight.

You're kissing her eyes and stroking her hair.
Telling her sweetly how much you care.
Not long ago that someone was me.
Just like that you set me free.

Free for what? A life of sorrow,
Trying to face each new tomorrow.
I spend each night feeling oh, so blue,
All my dreams are still of you.

Time heals sorrow, so they say,
So, maybe in time I'll be O.K.



Delores Senkbeil

Why do I have these feelings for you,
As we get together day by day?
Is it because of the things you do,
Or the sweet and kind things you say?

You make me feel so very special,
I'm not, my dear, I assure you.
I try to be as sincere as I can,
In all the things I say and do.

You are so special to me, my friend,
And I love the things you say.
Some days when I'm feeling down,
You really make my day.

So I hope you keep on cheering me,
For a long long time to come.
We do make such beautiful music together,
And it's really so much fun.



Delores Senkbeil

I had a beautiful dream last night,
About a wonderful island of love.
Where we planed a secret rendezvous,
Under a diamond studded sky up above.

We were to meet in a garden,
With roses growing everywhere.
I looked into that garden,
But couldn't find you there.

Slowly I searched the island,
Praying for a sight of you.
How disappointing it will be,
If my dream will not come true.

Then I saw you, sweetheart,
Standing near the shore.
I ran into your arms and kissed you,
Like I never kissed you before.

Your lips seemed glued to mine,
They didn't want to part.
My beautiful dream was coming true.
And tonight I'll give you my heart.



Delores Senkbeil

My dear heart, talk to me.
Tell me what I want to hear.
Tell it to the whole wide world.
And make it loud and clear.

'You have a wonderful friend,
Who is never harsh or demanding.
Always gentle, sweet and kind,
And oh, so very understanding.'

'You think the world of him.
He means so much to you.
I think the feelings are mutual.
He thinks the world of you too.'

Now, my dear heart, you are whispering,
Words I'd rather not hear.
Please don't spoil my wonderful friendship,
That I want to last for many a year.



Delores Senkbeil

Why am I such a pretender?
Just dreaming the hours away.
All day long just making believe
You are here with me today.

I'm pretending you love me,
Making believe you're here to stay.
Hoping we'll meet in my dreamland,
Don't ever take my dreams away.

In dreams I pretend you're kissing me,
Making believe you're holding me tight,
Feeling your soft sweet lips on mine.
Dreaming you'll stay all night.

It's fun to pretend and dream.
One thing you can do forever.
Even if you do not return my love,
I will stop dreaming, never.



Delores Senkbeil

So many hearts have been shattered,
Since the beginning of time.
But no other heart has been shattered,
In so many pieces like mine.

For years you kept me guessing,
Was I the one for you?
You knew how much I loved you,
But did you really love me too?

You wanted me to prove to you,
Right from the very start.
That my love for you was sincere,
And you wanted all my heart.

It took me so long to surrender,
For at that time I wasn't sure.
How would you treat a virgin heart,
A heart so innocent and pure?

You finally did convince me,
With your alluring, charming ways.
You promised me you would love me,
For the rest of all our days.

Now you're playing with another heart.
Will you shatter that one too?
All I can say is I hope somday,
Your heart will be shattered too.



Delores Senkbeil

I'll be right here for you,
Whenever you feel you need me.
I have so much love locked in my heart,
That's just waiting to be free.

I want more than just your kisses,
More than hugs so warm and tender.
What I'm really trying to say is,
My love, I want to surrender.

Surrender myself body and soul.
To the only one I adore.
You were sent to me from heaven above,
And I couldn't love you more.

Our casual dates are not enough,
To satisfy this aching heart.
I need a lot more loving, dear,
So when are we gonna start?



Delores Senkbeil

Your sweet loving ways do something to me,
Something I can't understand.
I wish I could tell you, I love you,
Help you build our castle in the sand.

Take a moonlight walk besides you,
Along the ocean shore.
Look at the moon shining so brightly
Lighting a way to our castle door.

Wish I could spend just one night loving you,
Showing you all of my mystic charms,
While you're kissing me oh, so tenderly,
And I'm snuggled up in your arms.

These wishes are just wishful dreaming
Forever, they will have to do.
I'm sure there'll never be the day
I can prove my love for you.



Delores Senkbeil

Today is a dark, gray rainy day.
I can hear the pounding of the rain.
It feels like needles piercing my heart,
And I'm beginning to feel the pain.

I've seen so many rainy days,
Just waiting for the sun to peek thru.
But, even when the sun shines again,
My heart will still yearn for you.

You were my sunshine, you are my life.
How can I go on without you?
I've tried to find someone to love,
But no one else, my dear, will do.

I'm wearing the locket you gave me.
It's right here near my heart.
The only part of you I have left,
With that locket I will never part.

Time they say, heals our sorrows,
But I certainly do not agree.
One thing I know for sure, my love,
There'll be no more true love for me.



Delores Senkbeil

When the day is ending,
And shadows appear.
How I long to hold you!
I wish you were here.

It's so lonesome without you.
The days go by so slow.
I miss those sweet kisses,
Oh, I loved them so.

We had a part of life together,
Which I am so grateful for.
We opened up our hearts,
And love walked thru the door.

Now our lives must go on as usual,
Like the days before we met.
I never ever thought, my dear,
You'd be so hard to forget.

It's easy to fool your mind,
But it's hard to fool your heart.
I know you feel the way I do,
But it's time for us to part.



Delores Senkbeil

I had a crazy dream last night,
It made me laugh out loud.
I met a handsome gentleman
Standing alone in a crowd.

Something about him seemed familiar,
But I couldn't quite see his face.
Then he turned and smiled at me,
I could feel my shocked heart race.

It was my special dearest friend,
Who lived so far away.
He made a special trip to see me,
So we could spend a day.

What a super lovely day it was!
Got to know each other well.
Would have loved to get to know him better,
But my alarm clock broke the spell.



Delores Senkbeil

There's nothing better than sunshine,
On a bright and sunny day.
Reminds me of my love for you,
In a warm and cuddly way.

You brought sunshine into my life,
The very first day we met.
I knew the moment I saw you,
You were the someone I couldn't forget.

It can be rainy, dark clouds above.
The day can be filled with gloom.
But I only see the sunshine,
When you walk into the room.

I wish I could have my sunshine,
With me morning, noon and night.
He'd shine on me when I'm despondent,
He'd make everything so right.

The sun will keep on shining,
Thru all the coming years.
I want my sunshine with me,
To shine away my tears.



Delores Senkbeil

You said you'd build me a cottage,
Somewhere on the moon.
A cozy little cottage,
We wouldn't need much room.

We'd have time for lotsa kissin',
So much time to spoon,
Someone to watch over us,
The Almighty Man In The Moon.

Instead of chasin' rainbows,
We'd pick a moonbeam from the sky.
We'd try to catch a falling star,
Falling from way up high.

I know we'd be so happy,
In this cottage in the sky.
We'd hold each other tight at night,
And watch the rest of the world roll by.



Delores Senkbeil

Are you lonesome without me tonight?
Does your heart feel a little sad?
Do you miss me just a wee bit
When you think of all the fun we had?

I left you for another,
Which felt like the right thing to do.
But lately when I'm with him
I'm comparing him with you.

You were always so happy and cheerful,
Always treated me so grand.
When I came to you with a problem,
You'd always understand.

Things are so different now.
I find it hard to fall asleep.
I think of how really stupid I was.
So many nights I weep.

I guess there's not much I can do,
To try to make amends.
Maybe some miracle will occur,
Since we are still such very good friends.



Delores Senkbeil

Love is a mysterious emotion.
How can you tell if it's real?
Sometimes it just creeps up on you,
And you can't believe the joy you feel.

Some days you feel so sad and blue.
You can't keep the tears from flowing.
Sometimes everything seems to go wrong,
The pain in your heart keeps on growing.

I wish I had a key to my heart,
So I could lock it when I'm blue.
I would close the door, turn the key,
Keep these feelings from coming thru.

The door will always be open wide,
All the times we are together,
But locked up very securely,
During all our stormy weather.



Delores Senkbeil

You are my ray of sunshine,
Even when skies are gray.
You make my life so worthwhile,
Each and every day.

The feelings we share together,
I've never felt before.
And as the days and weeks go by,
I feel these feelings more.

I bet even my heart is shakng,
Wondering what it should do.
Should it put a hold on this,
Or try to see it thru?

Maybe my heart will cooperate,
At least for a little while.
So I can enjoy this contentment,
So I can wear a smile.



Delores Senkbeil

Don't ever say, 'I love you.'
Until you feel it way down deep in your heart.
Cause if you do and it isn't true,
You'll just tear someone's world apart.

Too many hearts are broken,
When these words are carelessly used.
A heart is like a butterfly's wing,
It is so easily bruised.

The word 'love' is so fickle,
It is filled with imitations.
True love coming straight from the heart,
Is love without reservations.

If you believed those three little words,
And now found out they weren't true,
Time will heal sorrow, of that I'm sure.
Someday true love will come to you.



Delores Senkbeil

My love for you doesn't come from me.
It comes from deep in my heart.
So deep in my heart, I only hear a whisper
Telling me to give our love a start.

My heart whispers, 'He will be true to you.'
But, I believed you once before.
Love came in, took over my life
Then walked right out the door.

It left me so broken hearted,
It left me so sad and blue.
So how can I believe you when you say,
'This love will always be true.'

Maybe I should take one more chance,
Before it is too late.
Since my love for you is growing,
Maybe I should trust in fate.



Delores Senkbeil

You are my ray of sunshine every day,
Even when dark clouds get in the way.
For you there's nothing I wouldn't do.
I'd give my heart and soul to you.

I've never had these warm feelings before.
There's something about you I simply adore.
My poor heart aches when you don't call.
I must have you or no one at all.

Before I had these feelings so strong,
My days were all so lonely and long.
Now every morning I jump out of bed
Ready to start this new day ahead.



Delores Senkbeil

If we can't get together,
To share our love so true,
We know we found the ultimate treasure,
Very few people ever do.

We think about each other,
Each and every day.
Deep in my heart I know, dear,
You'll always be far away.

Too far away to kiss my lips,
To prove your love for me.
To far away to hug me,
Sweetheart, can't you see?

Everyone wants to be loved,
In their own special way.
Maybe you are thinking,
We might have that special day.

I don't think that day will ever come,
But at least I know for sure,
That this is an ultimate pleasure,
Sharing a love so pure.



Delores Senkbeil

I'll wait for you tonight, dear,
By the gateway to heaven.
An angel talked to me last night,
Told me to be there around eleven.

She knows how much I love you,
Knows I never have a chance,
To tell you this in person,
Or put a sparkle in our romance.

She reserved a special room for us,
Where we can spend the night.
Just thinking about the love we'll share,
Thrills me with delight.

You can shower me with kisses.
I'll do the same to you.
We'll promise to love each other,
And keep our love so new.

When the night is over,
We'll have to face another day,
But the memories of this night, my dear,
Will never go away.



Delores Senkbeil

So passionately we were in love.
We knew it would last forever.
I gave my heart and soul to you.
You promised you would leave me never.

An angel gave us a golden necklace,
To place around each heart.
With the security of these blessed links,
Our love would never depart.

We lived and loved so carefree and gay,
For such a very long time.
Suddenly one day something happened,
Your love was no longer mine.

You left me for another.
My tears were hard to hide.
I never thought I could ache like this.
I cried and cried and cried.

After a very short time, you came back,
Much to my surprise!
You told me you never stopped loving me.
Now you had tears in your eyes.

That same angel came to you last night,
Placed a broken clasp in your hand.
Our love was always tried and true.
So now we both understand.



Delores Senkbeil

Happiness is not a gift from God.
We have to pursue happiness every day.
Each and everyone of us,
Pursue happiness in our own special way.

My happiness is seeing healthy children,
Laughing, playing and having such fun.
Not hearing about children in other lands,
Starving, then dying one by one.

Happiness is seeing a smile on faces,
As they struggle thru their daily life.
We know some of their hearts are heavy,
While they're dealing with every day strife.

My happiness is seeing lovers,
As they stroll along hand in hand.
Maybe stealing a kiss or two,
Gee! ain't love grand?

The pursuit of happiness must be pursued.
It might help some if we pray.
We must see ourselves as others see us,
As we seek happiness each day.



Delores Senkbeil

True love comes straight from the heart,
At least that's what poets say.
What about a loving friendship?
Could it also turn out that way?

A little inspiration here and there,
Just lots of casual conversations.
Then as time goes by so fast,
A change in these relations.

You begin to feel something,
In a very mysterious way.
Now this can't be love, you tell yourself,
No matter what the poets say.

The friend you have is loving and caring.
You need him more and more each day.
You miss him so when he's not around,
More than words can say.

Sometimes true love can't be recognized.
I'm finding the glow in my heart,
Is becoming a much stronger fire.
A fire I don't ever want to depart.



Delores Senkbeil

Please be gentle to my heart.
It will only handle love that's true.
It needs a definite guarantee,
Before I can offer it to you.

Your sweet and passionate kisses,
Are filling me with desire.
Oh, how I want to give you my love.
You're setting my heart on fire.

It's such a beautiful night for romance,
A gentle breeze cooling the air.
So tenderly you kiss my lips,
And softly stroke my hair.

You hold me so very close to you,
And whisper in my ear,
'You know I've loved you for oh, so long
And will forever and ever, my dear.'

'You mean all the world to me.
I'll never let you go.
Please, tell me you'll accept my love.
This heart of mine loves you so.'

A soft voice coming from way up above,
Spoke these words to me.
Accept this sincere and honest love.
I'll give you that guarantee.



Delores Senkbeil

you come into this world
from your mother's womb with nothing
you also leave this world with nothing
between the nothings for some, is a very short time
even during this very short time
you need these priceless gifts God gave you

he gave you eyes to see and a nose to smell
a mouth to talk, even a voice to sing
he gave you ears to hear, a strong healthy body
most important of all he gave you a heart
that will continue to beat until your forever

you may lose your eyesight
you may lose your hearing
you may lose so many of life's precious gifts
where the avenues grow wider
and are so much harder to cross
one thing you will need forever

the love of your friends
with a love that comes from their hearts



Delores Senkbeil

When I opened the door to your heart,
And slowly passed the threshold.
A feeling so strange came over me.
A feeling I never felt before.

When you reached out to touch my face,
My body quivered with desire.
Like a magnet, your lips were drawn to mine,
First softly brushing them, then tenderly crushing them.

When you drew my body so close to you,
I could feel the passion growing.
I was hynotized by this amorous feeling,
Felt like a puppet on a string.

I knew there was no way of stopping.
I just had to fulfill this desire.
Nothing in my life ever thrilled me more,
As you tenderly made love to me.

When your heart aches because of a lost love,
That love was never meant to be.
True love will find a way to your heart,
Just you wait and see.



Delores Senkbeil

You are always in my heart,
No matter what I do.
When I take a walk at night
You're walking right besides me.

I look up at the pale full moon.
The man is gone, the face is yours.
When I wake up in the morning
And walk into my garden,
I hear the flowers whispering
'He truly loves you, he's thinking of you.'

As the sun shines upon my face,
I can feel your warm tender kisses.
Once before I had a love,
I thought was tried and true.
But it left my poor heart shattered.
The pain was hard to bear.
My broken heart restored itself,
It's almost as good as new.
It's really true when you hear the words,
'Time will heal your sorrows,'
But never will they be forgotten.

So when you gave me the key to your heart,
And offered me a lifetime of love,
My hand hestiated at the door, holding the key,
Thinking of that love so long ago.

Then I looked into your honest eyes,
Could see the love overflowing.
I knew God must have sent you to me,
So slowly I inserted the key.



Delores Senkbeil

You told me you loved me so many times,
But never with a hint of forever.
Maybe I'm just a passing fling,
And our ties that bind you can sever.

I was so sure you really loved me.
Those love words sounded sincere and true.
But lately doubts are forming in my mind,
And I'm wondering if you really do.

When you and I are together,
Most of the times you make me feel so good.
Sometimes the things you say to me,
Are not completely understood.

I feel your heart is still yearning,
For a someone from way back when.
Maybe you feel you lost your true love,
And you'll never find it again.

I promise you, my darling,
I will leave you never.
I've given you my faithful heart.
I want to share it with you forever.



Delores Senkbeil

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
The days just go by too fast.
Let's live, love and be happy
As if it were our last.

Forget about yesterday, its faults and blunders.
We cannot undo the mistakes we made.
All the money in the world won't bring it back.
But some of the unpleasant memories will fade.

We should never worry about tomorrow.
There's only one thing we really know.
The sun will rise, come rain or shine
And my heart will still love you so.

Come with me, my darling, let me prove to you,
About yesterday, tomorrow and today.
There is one exception to this rule,
My love for you is here to stay.



Delores Senkbeil

Love is like a puppet,
With your heart handling the strings.
Sometimes, with clever manipulations,
Will produce a heart that sings.

Sometimes, your heart has problems.
The puppet is feeling so blue.
Your heart doesn't know what string to pull.
So it's wondering what to do.

Love has so many ups and downs.
What can you do or say?
You dream of an everlasting love,
But will it every come your way?

You try to guide your faithful heart,
To the string that will open the door,
And lead you to this special love,
That can be shared forever more.



Delores Senkbeil

You cannot ever come to my door,
And hand me a bouquet of flowers,
Or get together under the stars,
And talk for hours and hours.

You can't take my hand in yours,
While strolling along the shore.
Or hold me tightly in your arms,
And say, 'It's you I adore.'

You can't enjoy all the things,
I'd love to do for you.
I'd love to also hold you close,
And whisper, 'I love you too.'

You cannot see that wasted moonlight,
Shining on someone lonely and blue.
You cannot see the tears in her eyes,
While she's crying her heart out for you.

All these things you cannot see,
Because we're so far apart.
But just remember, my dearest one,
You are always in my heart.



Delores Senkbeil

True love is precious
Sent to us from God on high
Friendship turned to love

Let's keep it shining
Brightly in our happy hearts
Like an evening star

Finding each other
In this hectic world of ours
Was a miracle

Gray skies now azure
Bright sunlight is shining thru
Making memories

Lasting memories
To cherish thru a lifetime
For my friend and I



Delores Senkbeil

Love is like the sunlight,
Shining so bright.
Chasing away the shadows,
That lingered thru the night.

When someone loves you,
Is faithful and true.
Life is filled with sunshine,
You're just never blue.

Mornings when you wake up,
Thoughts going thru your head,
Are memories of joy and rapture,
You felt that night in bed.

Love always seemed to be,
A mirage, an optical illusion,
Creating in my unhappy heart,
So much confusion.

When I met you, my darling,
On that wonderful day,
All my negative thoughts,
Just faded away.

I'm savoring all the nectar,
My true love is bringing.
A heart filled with illusions,
Is now happily singing.



Delores Senkbeil

I dream of you every evening,
Daydream of you every day.
I'm so tired of dreaming of you.
I'm going to chase those dreams away.

Instead of dreaming of you, my dear,
I'll dream of someone new.
Someone who'll share my feelings,
Someone who'll love me too.

Someone who I can confide in,
Someone who won't cheat on me,
Someone who'll love me for what I am,
Not for what he wants me to be.

Someone who'll kiss my eager lips,
While his warm body is so close to mine.
Someone who'll love me,
Till the end of time.

If this someone is out there somewhere,
Please hurry and touch my soul.
Right now my sad heart is broken.
Please come and make it whole.



Delores Senkbeil

Whenever I feel sad and blue,
One thing I always have to do,
Is make sure I contact you,
Because you're so understanding.

Nothing seems to get you down,
Bet you're the nicest guy in town,
Always a smile, never a frown,
And you're so understanding.

Gee, I wish I could make your day,
And try to chase your blues away.
You know there are things I just can't say,
Cause you're so understanding.

My thoughts of you go very deep,
Especially at night before I sleep.
You know those thoughts I'll always keep,
Cause you're so understanding.