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K. Fazio


San Antonio,TX, US

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old age


K. Fazio


counting every passing minute
watching for anything to keep their attention
calcuating all the hours of the day
waiting for each and every long day to come to an end
but not counting the days
no, the days will be over soon enough

in this grave before graves
waiting hoping this next second
will be the very last second
of their long exausting life
and yet every disease that approaches
they fight off with every mussle
in their old torn bodies
why do they wait for death and yet fight it
are they waiting for something else
they know their times up

recalling their old memories
thinking about when they where young
wishing life would be the same again

and they slowly loose possesion of their minds
entangled in thier own private web of time worn hate
their stale bodies gradually disintegrating before their
their very eyes
but still they remain

when their worn out bodies lie lifelessly
hiding under the soil
their minds
their senile minds will still wonder
aimlessly in their long forgotten memories

and this depressed life
will soon become part of this cycle
of endless nightmares
for now they rest, waiting
slowly losing all the necessities
of their bodies
as the hours become longer and longer
and the days become shorter and shorter
they remain a prison a prisoner of their own
obsolescent minds

another soul


K. Fazio

i have a seprate soul inside of me
one other than my own
it talks to me
it tells me the future
and explains the past
it understands my thoughts
it is my escape

i fear it
it's killing me
slowly but surely
it is betraying me and
i don't care