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Nikki Favo


Nunda, NY, US

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Now You're Gone


Nikki Favo

Now you're gone
My life is all undone
You were my hero,
My romodel,
My best friend
I feel like I'm at a dead end.
Everything we did together
I have to do alone
I have to turn around and see how
You did this or that
It was so easy with you by my side
To help me through the good and bad times.
Now you're gone
There's no on to run to with all my problems
No one to give me advice like you did
I know your spirit is still alive
But that's not enough
I need to see you
And hear you
Come back
Please, come back.

The Smile


Nikki Favo

I went to see my dying grandpa
Not knowing that I'd lose him in a few days.
I remember sitting, waiting to see him, and crying.
For I was feeling a pain that I'd never felt before.
My mom took me and my sisters into his room to see him.
I couldn't look, scared of what I would see.
But when I looked up, eyes full of tears,
I saw a smile of someone I knew and loved very much.
It was my grandfathers smile that I had seen.
I guess it was his way of telling me it'll all be okay.
As I lie here and remember this day...
A tear rolls down and I say to myself...
It'll all be okay.