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Paul Fauth


Malta, MT, US

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When I Cant Sleep


Paul Fauth

I Know you get angry
With me when I never go to bed
It's hard to sleep anymore
I don't know why
And I don't understand
It's just sleep donít seem
To come easy for me
Mabey it's the dark
Or maybe it's just me
I really don't know
It seems as though the world quits spinning
But only during the dark hours
The night closes in and all you can do is think
Which in turns scares me
Thereís not alot of good that lurks in the dark
And you can feel it
But when your mind is weak
You feel yourself starting to lose control
Of the very existence you once prided yourself in
Stress was something you once laughed at and now you
Feel yourself giving into it
Like a dark figure hanging over your head
As your laying in bed waiting for sleep to come
Only to realise come morning time
That sleep has avoided you once again and
Left only pain in it's place
Pain that eats at you day after day
Until your thoughts get darker and darker
And you start praying for the darkness
You have to face each night
Would come and finish you
But I guess until that day
Or until sleep comes to me
As a friend bear with me
But in the meantime
Please donít get angry with me
Just because I cant sleep