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John Faucett


New Fairfield, CT, US

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John Faucett

Upon learning that my four-year-old son
Richard, has cystic fibrosis,
I was in shock, then I mourned.
Finally I became furious and fought back.
Franticly every night I would call everywhere
Looking for help; there was none.
One night after several long and agonizing
Phone call's pleading for help,
Richard came into the room
And said, "Mommy I know who you work for."
With some trepidation,
I posed the question back to him,
"Who, Richard ?"
"Sixty-five rose's," he said with a smile.  
I went to him and tenderly pressed his tiny body
To mine, so he could not see
The tear's running down my cheek's.
I was amazed since I had never told him
That he had advanced liver cancer.
Then as I hugged him, I realized
He couldn't pronounce cystic fibrosis,
Now every time, for the past thirty-eight year's,
As I visit Richard, I smile and cry as I gaze upon
A seven-year-old's gravestone
That read's "sixty-five rose's."

Richard, it has been thirty-eight poignant year's to the day That is why "sixty-five rose's" on your grave we placed today.
Then on our knee's we got and silently prayed,
No, not for you our sweetie
For we know you're safe in heaven
But for daddy and I,
Whose heart's have never mended.
We want to thank you Richard and need to apologize.
We stood by your grave today and told you our reason's why.
"Sixty-five rose's" lay beautifully upon your grave,
To signify the illness that took your life away.
We alway's knew this is the place,
Where in your youth you'd lay
And all we asked and wanted is for it to be maintained.
Many people loved you and many heard our plea,
For each time we come to visit,
We find thing's placed anonymously.
"Sixty-five rose's"
We placed there today.
"Sixty-five rose's" is what took you away.

We didn't know much about this killer disease
At first, but we do now.
While doing research for our son Richard,
Who had cystic fibrosis.
My husband and I read, over 30,000 children a year die from it.
The children are so young that they are unable
To pronounce cystic fibrosis.
So they call there disease "sixty-five rose's"
This moved us,
Enough to both support and contribute to finding a cure
And to tell you about the disease; our little boy heard as,
"Sixty-five rose's" - cystic fibrosis.
Easy to say as "sixty-five rose's",
Difficult to cure as cystic fibrosis.