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Tom Farren


Philadelphia, PA, US

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Goodnight Under a Streetlight


Tom Farren

The taste of your kiss on my lips as I leave,
Goodnight for tonight.
As I watch you disappear under the light
I close my eyes and
Take in your aroma still lingering
In the air
in front of me.
You're there again.

Eyes closed as we kiss.
Eyes closed remembering that kiss.
I still feel you wrapped in my arms,
Your hand touching my bare neck and a
Embraced in the night we don't feel the cold
As we freeze. For a moment.
Your lips melting into mine -
Our hands find each other.
Your body pulling from mine but
Our lips hold us together.
You must go and so must I.

I open my eyes and you are really gone.
You are up the steps and in your house.
I am alone on the corner. Under the light.
I linger for a second and turn to my car.
Though the wind is whipping I shiver
And I smile.
I'll see you tomorrow night.

I met a...


Tom Farren

I met a whiskey bottle once,
And I tell you it's all true,
She had a shapely bottle'd form,
She had a golden hue.

She said, "Come when you are happy,
And come when you are blue,
Come when you have no friends,
And come when you get a few.

I don't care if you have money,
I don't care if you have fame,
I don't care about the twenty pounds
Since we last met that you have gained.

I won't laugh if you are crying
Because some silly girl broke your heart.
I won't force you to be emotional
When you don't know where to start."

That last one was the magic phrase
Which I needed to hear,
So I pointed to her friend and said,
"Introduce me to your beer."

Now I don't use my head at all
'Cept when I'm talking to myself,
And all the people I should be talking to
Are talking amongst themselves.