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David Farrar


Monroe, Conneticut, US

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Our American Pride


David Farrar

Our American pride
Has been tarnished and torn
By a Terrorist group
Not American born

For war on our country
Has now been declared
And the comforts we knew
Have all disappeared

We are now at ground zero
And many are lost
But the enemy will pay
Regardless of cost

They committed a crime
So horrific and sad
With warp evil minds
So sadistic and mad

With suicide plots
From deceptions well planned
They disrupted our lives
And blemished our land

Yet through the wet tears
That ripped us apart
Their course of destruction
Only strengthened our heart

Because united we stand
With that Will to survive
And no one can crush
What keeps us alive

We’re a nation of people
And a rainbow coalition
Fighting Terrorist acts
Intercepting their mission

We will build from each other
What it takes to succeed
With American pride
Which we’ll never concede

And with God as our witness
We are destined to win
This war they began
From their evils and sin



David Farrar