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Mrs. Winifred Farrar


Liverpool, England, UK

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Jill's Imprisonment


Mrs. Winifred Farrar

Jill strained to get loose from the chair
Held against her will, she was going nowhere.
She looked around but couldn't see
Anyone there, so she tried to free
Herself from the straps and ties
And hoped they wouldn't realise.

She saw the dooor was open - just a chink
So she struggled and strained to the brink.
The chair fell over onto the floor
Then Jill got free and made for the door.
She pulled it open and made her escape
Down the path, discarding the tape.

She was stopped in her tracks by a big,high gate
Which was bolted and barred and made her wait
Hoping someone passing would help her get out.
But Jill was so desperate that she started to shout.
She rattled the gate, but had no success
Then began to cry "Oh what a mess!"

Jill heard footsteps behing her and was held by her arm
Then bustled inside, to her alarm.
Again she was fastened to the chair
To stop her going anywhere.
Some food and drink was placed on a tray
Which she knocked to the floor - she would make them pay.

She screamed and yelled but to no avail.
She was ignored and this just made her rail
More and more, but it had no effect.
So she gave up the struggle and sat up erect.
Jill didn't know what else she could do.
But after all, she was only two.



Mrs. Winifred Farrar

Love has many aspects that often appears
Throughout life from birth and the following years.
It starts with the love of a baby for it's mother
A bond that's felt like no other.
Then there's the love of a teanage girl and boy
So intense with so much joy.
They don't find love so complex.
And even think they invented sex.
There's the love between a man and his wife
That overcomes most trouble and strife.
The love for their children, deep when they're small.
But still maintained when they grow tall.
A love that's always there to stay
But one that lets them go away.
There's a love for a partner whose life draws to a close
And the pain that goes with it when you suppose
That they'll get better, but you know in your heart
This isn't true and you'll soon be apart.
Finally, there's a love that gives a reason to live
When you feel you have nothing else to give.
But you pick yourself up and make your self go.
And that is the love of life, you know!



Mrs. Winifred Farrar

She sat in a chair along with the rest
Now that she'd been both washed and dressed.
The noise she heard but couldn't see
Her surroundings as she tapped her knee.

She felt someone touch her arm
Which made her startle with alarm
"Hello Mum. It's only me
How've you been? You haven't drank your tea."

She recognised the voice but didn't know who
It was or even knew her own name
Which they said was Lou
And told her she was eighty-two.

She was tired and weary and wanted to sleep
And dream her dreams which she could keep
To herself and in them she could see
How she'd looked at forty-three.



Mrs. Winifred Farrar

To lose his job is a man's worst fear.
The worry is so hard to bear
On the dole and in despair
Unhappy and sad, who will caare?
Not the clerks who say "sign here"
Without lifting their heads to see the tear
Falling from eyes dull with pain
Will he ever work again?
They've offered a course so he can learn
New skills, but he knows he hasn't a chance
His age is against him, they see at a glance.
He could work on the side and put up with the stress
Of being caught out and bringing shame
To his family and their good name.
He hates being idle with long days ahead
Sometimes not wanting to get out of bed.
To hell with it. He has a pund in his pocke
So he goes and buys a lottery ticket.



Mrs. Winifred Farrar

"Tom Smith to the office" the tannoy said.
His heart sank as he raised his head.
He knew redundancies were in the air,
But never thought he'd be there.
He walked the ais of the factory floor
And thought he'd never reach the door.
His legs were heavy and each tread
Took him closer to the life ahead.
When he reached th office the secretary said
"Oh, go on in Tom" then she nodded her head.
"Mr. Brown is waiting for you"
So he went in, what else could he do!
"We've won a new contract" Mr. Brown said
"So there'll be plenty more work ahead.
No more redudancies and promotion for you
For allyour hard work and loyalty too"
Tom collapsed in a chair, relief on his face
'Oh, why is employment such a rat race'
Then he picked himself up and hurried outside
To spread the good news, but he broke down and cried.