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Laila Fares


New Port Richey, FL, US

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I Can't Live Without You


Laila Fares

You know, Lord Jesus, my strongest desire,
You know how I long to give you my life!
You know my passion! Set my heart on fire,
I want to be of every thing deprived!

I can be a poor stranger; I can be hungry,
I can endure trials without being angry!
I can renounce every thing except seeing your face,
I can live without friends, but not without your grace!

Love at First Sight


Laila Fares

Saul had seen a great shining light,
Surrounding him with power and might,
While on his way to Damascus,
With mission to persecute the saints!

Right away Saul fell to his knee,
Down to the floor, blinded and seized!
He heard the voice of Jesus meek:
ę Saul! Saul! Why persecute thou me? Ľ

ę Who art thou Lord? How can it be?
That you know me, now I cannot see!
But tell me what you want from me,
My ears are clear, my heart filled of fear. Ľ

ę I am Jesus, whom you persecute!
Itís hard for you to kick against pricks!
But get up now; stand up to your foot!
Enter the city of Damascus.

It will be shown to you everything
That you must do, for I have chosen
To make out of you a heavenly king,
On earth to carry my Name to the nations! Ľ

Saul lost his sight three days and nights!
Left darkness behind, recovered new light!
New man, new eyes, new faith and new strife!
Paul crossed from death, through Christ, to life.

Paul was changed, no longer proud!
No longer blind, his heart and mind,
Were from that day preaching aloud,
No more concerned about his own kind.

Great Saint Apostle Paul, forever shine!
You suffered martyrdom many times!
With boldness you spoke about Christ!
Proud only in Him crucified.

Storm Arrest Song


Laila Fares

Jesus walks on water, on skies, on earth,
Miracles surrounded his life, his birth,
His death and followed his Resurrection!
He promised us Love, Joy, Peace and Protection.

* * *

The Lord walks on waters and the Sea waves,
Obey Him as well as vipers in caves!
To Him thunders, lightning and winds submit,
Jesus speaks them hear Godís Word: still they sit!

* * *

More then five thousand men had just been fed,
With only two fish and five loaves of bread,
What Jesus blesses is always the best!
Who else can order a Storm to arrest?

* * *

Jesus walks on waters, on skies, on earth,
Miracles surrounded his life, his birth,
His death and followed his Resurrection!
He promised us Love, Joy, Peace and Protection.

* * *

Terrorist's Victim


Laila Fares

Victor My Brother

(True Story)

One in the morning, after midnight,
May 21st, 1996!
Meenshah, near Guirgah, the Holy Land!
Little town where Victor my brother,
Lived with his wife, the happiest couple!
And raised his children, honorable father!
He was the most trusted doctor in town!
Victor had patience, along with compassion!
He prayed for his patients and heard their confessions!
He treated their illnesses and took care of them,
All were healed successfully from their health problems!
Victor received a letter of threat:
"Leave this place,
Leave your success!
No more Christians here unless,
Changing their faith they would confess!"
The letter was sent to his office address,
He showed it to me!
"But how can that be?"
"Some anonymous funny guys,
Donít want to be identified!
Theyíre making up jokes in letterhead!"
"Victor! No! This is a serious threat,
Run away my brother, please run away!"
"I would rather die than live in dismay!
I am a man of faith, sister, do not fear!
I am not afraid of any sword or spear!"
"Please my brother, escape for your life and move!"
"Without a manís honor, how could life improve?"
Victor then decided to stay,
My phone rang all the time that day!
May 21st, 1996,
His nurses, his wife and his children were crying!
"Doctor was an angel!"
"My husband was a hero!"
"Dad was our best friend!"
Angels on high sang joyfully to acclaim,
The Martyr who died for Christís Holy Name!
Victor my brother, my love, said it best:
ĎBetter is death for courage, than life at rest!í
Heavenly Father, among your holy saints, rest his soul in peace!
Among martyrs he was crowned and among heroes he was not least!



Laila Fares

Justice is divine,
Itís a place of shrine!
Despised by the fool,
Considered vain tool!

Why is it denied?
How could be disguised?
The wise!

Talking about your deeds,
After eating your seeds,
The fool says to you,
"What can justice do?"

Sign of the civilized,
Justice is paradise!
For the majorities,
Setting peace amnesties!

It is a popular dream,
In many places that steam!
With wars, famines and darkness,
Justice dies without sharpness!

In most countries of the worlds,
Itís considered a rare pearl!
Respect for legislations!
Success of civil nations!



Laila Fares

The Agapae of Saint Pope Shenouda the Third

Thank God for the writings of this Leader.
His books are enlighting, comforting his reader!
He is like Athanasius the Apostolic!
He reconciled, like Jesus, the Evangelic
Work, with the world, the Monasteries and the Church!
He refuses to act without a deep research!
His writings have gained many souls to Faith in Christ:
Are you among those who became Children of Light?

When I met him I said "I wrote music in songs
On Biblical words." "Is it where your heart belongs?"
"I want to be sure not to be breaking the Law?"
"Music is Biblical," said he, "as Psalms can show!"
God chose Pope Shenouda, prayer warrior, like David,
Those are men according to Godís own heart: vivid,
Wise, faithful, loving and glorifying the Lord,
Respectful for childrenís rights, in Godís one accord!

Christ spoke in favor of those pure holy angels
Being Himself born in a Bethlehemís manger!
Pope Shenouda the Third multiplied for us all,
The Spiritual and Holy Bread of Life, to call
The Lost, the sinful, even those who had perished:
To come back, to repent, to the One who cherished
Them so much, who came in the flesh to give His life,
To redeem us and pay for our antique strife!

The Agapae of Saint Pope Shenouda the Third,
Are gathering humanity around the Word
Of God. May the Lord preserve his life for long years!
He made Godís Love prevail, casting out all vain fears!

He Loved me First


Laila Fares

I started knowing Him,
Because He first knew me!
I fell in love with Him,
Because he first loved me!

I was blind, now I see,
I was deaf, now I hear!
I was lost, now Iím found,
I was sick, now Iím healed!

I was weak, now Iím strong,
He never leaves me alone!
I was dead, now I live,
I was selfish, now I give!

I was hungry, depraved,
Now Iím filled, loved and saved!
He said, "Come! In me, hide!
Under my wings, abide!"

I was fool, I was poor,
Now Iím wise, faithful, sure!
Nothing will separate,
Me from His narrow gate!

From the way, costly, tight,
That He alone designed,
For those who want to chose,
Their selves and the world to lose!



Laila Fares

Help me to do your will,
All the time until:

Put your words in my mouth,
Guide me North, West, East or South:

Love me that I may grow,
That I may your light show:
O Purity!

Let me work in your field,
Cover me with your shield:

Show the way to the lost,
You Power is the cost:
Of Charity!

Provide, bless, touch, enrich,
Holy Ghost, abolish:
All Poverty!

The world always deceives,
And hypocritly leaves:

But your Kingdom is true,
Jesus, God of the crew:

You life will never cease,
Eternal God you please:
Lifeís Sanctity!