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Embracing the Unknown



Knowing I love you and still feeling alone.

Needing to hold you when I'm out on my own.

Keeping forever at my fingertips.

Holding the feeling of your tender lips.

Feeling my heart break when you whisper her name.

Gripping my pillow knowing it's just not the same.

Remembering the way you held me when I needed to cry.

Wishing we never had to say goodbye.

Embracing the unknown and laying my heart on the line;

Hoping that someday I will call you mine.

One Last Goodbye



The sands of time are rushing past as I see your face in the sky.
I reach out to you and wonder why there are tears in your eyes.

You whisper "I'll miss you" and your smile fades away-
You never had a chance to hear what I needed to say.

Why did you go, and who took you home?
Was it your choice to leave me alone?

One last goodbye and one final tear
Knowing you will never feel the pain and the fear.

Or do you see the family and friends whose lives aren't the same?
Can you taste the tears as I cry in the rain?

Do you know the anger of death taking a friend?
Do you know how it feels to see a life end?

I'll never know these answers, but I hope you hear me now-
When I tell you that I loved you, though I didn't show you how.

The sands of time are rushing past as I see your face in the sky.
What I wouldn't give for one last goodbye

No Yesterdays



You left my life eleven years ago.
Five years old was so young.
She told me it was for the best, but
she did not realize what I would later face.

I did not understand the reasons then.

I had to walk through life empty
and alone.
You were not there to protect me
from the cold touch of the world.
I never got to be your little girl.

You washed each thought and memory
of me away as your habit slowly
controlled you.

Your absence created and emotion so
strong and foreign inside of me that
it soon became my being.
Fear, anger, hatred, love, and betrayal
all combined within me.

Later, I began to understand, but
the emptiness would not leave.
I longed to hold you and kiss you.
I wanted to hear your voice.


I did not expect to see what I did.
Your disease finally took hold and your
body could no longer survive.
You lost the fight and you were now
paying the price.

Your fragile arms reached out to me.
Tears of lost years fell uncontrollably.
Your words were broken and painful.
You could no longer run from past mistakes.
The pain from a broken heart now became

All at once, eleven years were gained
with no recognition of the past.
Two hearts were gently bonded as a
lost man became a father and a lonely
girl became a daughter.




When you put so much of yourself into something -
WHen you expose all that you are -
When you lay yourself out on the line, totally defenseless -
When you open up to the reality of your deepest thoughts and emotions -
And when you know you've fallen without actually knwoing how or why -
Then you've found commitment.

When you can't help but stare -
When your mind creates endless scenes of the two of you together -
When your heart is so strong and yet so weak at the same time -
When in your dreams you no longer cry -
And when the nights are no longer lonely -
Then you've found happiness.

But when the stars dance in your eyes-
When you can no longer remember the ones left behind -
When tears of loneliness are hidden deep inside -
And when you can smile a real smile -
Laugh a genuine laugh -
Enjoy being hugged -
And look forward to each new day -
Then you have found love.

I Love You



I never dreamed that falling in love would feel like this;
It's like nothing I have ever felt before.
You give me love, protection, and honesty;
You are the one I have been waiting for.
Each time that you hold me, my love is renewed.
And each night when I close my eyes, I dream of you.
Your eyes are filled with tenderness as I take your hand in mine.
And when I'm in your arms, we freeze all time.
This time it's for real; this time it will last.
Forget about yesterday; everything else is in the past.
Just take my hand and let love guide us through.
Don't ask questions, for the answers may surprise you.
And there's no need to worry, I'll always be true.
And never have three words meant so much as when I say...
I love you.

What the Night Stole



I close my eyes and can only see your face.
Your lips speak your love for me as we turn to embrace.

I sense the tenderness in your arms and I can feel you heart next to mine.
The passion in your eyes freezes all time.

I know this is the last time I will see you, and a tear rolls from my eye.
I want to stay here with you forever, and never say goodbye.

The memories we've made, the tears that we've shared;
The one that I love, the one who really cares.

I never dreamed you would break my heart, but I know yours is breaking too.
So, just close your eyes and hold me close to you.

Everyone said we would last forever, but our forever came too soon;
Standing here holding each other beneath the light of the moon.




When I was empty--
you filled me.
When I was lonely--
you held me.
When I was confused--
you listened.
When I was down--
you lifted me.
When I couldn't go on--
you carried me.
When words weren't needed--
you kissed me.
When I was lost--
you found me.
And now, when I can't understand
what's happening to our love--
please don't leave me.

Unknown Pain



I never pictured life without you until I felt myself
losing you.
Standing on the edge of nothing, I fell hopelessly for

Wanting only love,
Needing only you.

In you is the soul of my existence.

Slowly my heart is torn.
Uncontrollably fall the tears of deepest passion.
They are left unnoticed.

I bow before your heart pleading for a gentle kiss,
But my lips are left lonely, untouched by love.

Your cold hand touches my face and I feel the pain I
have caused.
My love is no longer sufficient--
Your wounds are too deep.
I reach for your heart and you push me away.

I leave myself defenseless--
Open to your pain.
I am overcome with anguish;
Yet unable to heal.

I walk away alone.
Still needing you,
Still wanting you,
Still loving you,

But unable to heal.