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Michele Fair


Norfolk, VA, US

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Michele Fair

The red velvet curtain, dusty and shaken, waits like we do-
My heart about to burst, he jaunts briskly past me.
I feel the wind from his presence but
I don't notice till he is on stage,
Picking up his instrument, for him a symbol of things Inspirational, all things powerful.
Suddenly it sings with a "gong", then a melody-My heart races faster, and I look over to you-

You look younger now, like someone who
Still believes in Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, Superman..He is your superman.

I smile, and look back up at this man,
I don't see what he has on, the shape of his hair;
All I perceive is him torturing something in his hand,
Something he can make sing and cry and scream with little command.
Something that reciprocates to me.
And I look over to you again, and in a flash, the lights come on.
This creature, this person, this soulful spirit-
Grows bigger and bigger--While we get smaller.

And then my breath escapes me-
You who at that moment still believes in Santa and fairies and superheroes--Is meeting his.
And I smile with a chill, Knowing right then that heroes still exist,
And music travels with me, All the way home.