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Seifallah M. Fahmy


Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

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The Mockingbird


Seifallah M. Fahmy

The ruffling leaves shade me from the warm sun
In pensive mood am I, solitary as can be the one

Oh beautiful singing mocking bird perched high on the tree
Are you mocking me?

My consciousness wandering far in a distant place
My senses engulfed by her resplendent image and grace

Oh beautiful singing mocking bird perched high on the tree
Why are you still mocking me?

Her subtlety, her docility, her frailty
Rushing, gushing visions of her beauty

Her every word is evoked by memory
Her every smile engraved so heavenly

When I can not see or hear her
Insufferable hollowness, soothed only by silent prayer

"She is not yet mine!" my heart cries out in pain
Hope, and hope alone makes my living not in vain

Oh beautiful singing mocking bird perched high on the tree
Why are you now no longer mocking me?

Her Gaze


Seifallah M. Fahmy

I gaze into her stunning green eyes so sublime
So much to read in them yet so little time

My heart skips a beat when I sense her yearning
Expressions for me she dare not divulge yet so burning

My passion for her mounting day by day
Yet this love of ours we cannot share in many a way

Enduring the anguish of not being able to share and care
Tormented for being apart I duly swear

Why did not our paths cross when it was all so possible
When to join these adoring souls was all so probable

Fate is playing havoc with our lives I see
For it commands me that somehow together we will always be

She returns my gaze pulling me to the brink
Wrenching me into the depths I so do love to sink



Seifallah M. Fahmy

See Her walk into a room
Brightens it up from all its gloom

Detect Her crack a smile
Your heart melts for a long while

Take notice of Her attire
Subtle fashion you cannot but admire

Ask Her for a favor
So unselfish is her demeanor

Watch Her exquisitely eat
Your appetite grows indefinite

Observe Her gaze when in contemplation
You will brim with adoration

Glimpse Her when she is rarely sad
In your arms you want to take her so bad

Capture a sense of Her grand humor
Merriment and laughter you are in utter stupor

She makes life so wonderful
She is at the pinnacle

Blurred Vision


Seifallah M. Fahmy

Somewhere along the way
It dawned upon me that I was going astray

My vision was blurred
Of her greatly I did expect and repeatedly had erred

Possessive and combatant was I too often
What rights do I possess, my manner I need to soften

Release her from blind desires must I
Give her unassuming soul liberty to fly

Ask not of her what she cannot give
Ask of her to share your aspirations and your indulgence forgive

Hold her not to any pledge
Hold her not to any grudge

Uphold these promises without hesitation
Avow to adhere to them without trepidation

Love her deep in your taciturn heart
Make your adoration of her a work of art



Seifallah M. Fahmy

The futility of it all is written on her face
What is happening to her she feels is a dreadful disgrace

For all what she thought could have become her
This was not what she ever dreamt to encounter

Avoiding this state she has always strived
In her wildest imagination this she could not have contrived

Out of her thoughts does this condition she want to dispel
Hearken her innermost beliefs she does compel

A verdict alone must she reach
To God most certainly does she beseech

To her innermost serenity must she aspire
Finality her beautiful soul does so much require

Sadness, uncertainty and disbelief must she relinquish
For he who truly loves her for this should he wish

Fatalism, and belief in destiny ultimately may be her savior
His devout love will then no longer torment her



Seifallah M. Fahmy

She renders a sad smile all too often,
The hint of a heart anew wrongly broken.

In haste is she to find the right one for her,
Fretful that time she can not deter.

Age slipping away an incessant preoccupation,
Predictably impatient are the young she not being the exception.

Little faith has she in her virtues,
So exquisite are they and in multitudes.

Probing the tantalizing thoughts of what may be,
Forgetful is she of living in glee.

Life can not bring to a creature like her but rapture,
The hearts of many most assuredly will she capture.

Her solitary spell is not as grave as it may appear,
For a loveless union she should away from steer.

Patient ought she evermore be,
Settle purely for everlasting love must she.

The one who to her will reveal his passion,
Expressing to her his fathomless adoration.

Fortunate shall he be for eternity,
For life with her shall be unbounded ecstasy.