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Twilights Eyes


Long Beach, CA, US

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liquid sages


Twilights Eyes

In the sky I found a life that wont fade and die
Its the son of dissolution
And the purity of innocent illusion
Clouds now cotton stones reflecting my scattered thoughts
In the pool of laughing stars I found a love that wont lie
Its the joy of screaming dreams
And the agony of my minds stretching seams
Moon now a blood stained mirror reflecting my scattered time
In the storm of bleeding winds I found my tattered heart
Wilt with my new discovery and watch my world fall apart
I turn my eyes to the liquid sages
whiskeys wisdom
its spanned all ages
just a little more
to blur yesterdays faded pages
in the glass of amber seas I found a place to hide
the tearless tide that ill always seek and confide
the fragile wave that ill numb myself in and ride
gun to my head
out of my mind
I lost it all