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Invisible Song



Invisible song you speak to my heart, My heart is hungry for your sound,
I feel the passion behind the words in you,
your invisible only to the deaf,
the magic in your voice has captured those who hear you.
Your song soothes my heart ,it steals my mind from reality
only peaceful with your voice
All sadness is lost when your voice is singing to my heart,
Your mysterious eyes sing with the song,
The deepness within them,
They sparkle with life, and shine in darkness as do stars,
The sadness in your song is seen by my heart and it suffers with the song.
Life is given to any song you sing,
the love and passion in your voice , makes my heart and soul shudder,
An angel in disguise breathing all fear and pain in me, as you sing.
Guarding me, lifting my spirit up.
Sing to the world, grant them the love and joy that whispers through your voice.
The passion is there if you listen to the Invisible song
Goes beyond the words.
It isnt just a song.