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Louise Evans


Hamilton Twp, NJ, US

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Glimpsing Heaven


Louise Evans

I had a glimpse of heaven once
when I knelt down to pray.
Lord Jesus took my humble hand
and then I heard Him say,
"Come closer child," He said to me
for I will be your friend
and I will ever walk with you
from this day till the end.

I saw the Holy Light He sheds
on those who come to Him.
It is the perfect heavenly glow
that never will grow dim.
I felt the warmness of His touch
His mercy and His love
He is the Holy Lamb of God
He is the Heavenly Dove.

I had a glimpse of heaven once
when I knelt down to pray
and I shall have that glimpse again
where e're I go today.
All I need do is look to Him
Lord Jesus up above
and trust Him for His saving grace
and His redeeming love.



Louise Evans

Carla was a kitty cat
whose folks gave her away.
They took her to a shelter
one sunny autumn day.
Danny was a puppu dog
whose masters did the same
and so they came together
while neither had a name.

A very loving couple came
to select a pet or two
little ones they could take home
as caring folks will do.
They named the kitty Carla
they both agreed on that'and Danny for the puppy dog
they took home with the cat.

This friendly loving couple
who took these tiny pets yhome
treated them both kindly
and never let them roam.
Carle and Danny often slept
side by side on a cozy mat
and ate their meals together
this puppy dog and kitty cat.

No one ever taught them
that cats and dogs should fight
so they formed a friendsjip
that they considered right
They lived as friends together
and even growung nolder
they never had a spat or fight
their friendship just grew bolder.