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Lee Evans


Dallas, TX, US

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My Muse


Lee Evans

And she comes to me
When I stop knowing what to feel,
Or I get too blind to see,
That I should start believing everything thatís real.

Always waiting there
With a voice for all my fear,
Every sad, unanswered prayer;
But an understanding presence, always here.

Throw away the pain,
And bare my soul to griefs;
No matter my beliefs,
Let her expressions give me room to heal.

Let her have her way,
And in my silence, let her speak.
Itís not too late to be ok;
And strength is sometimes knowing when youíre weak.

I Try


Lee Evans

I try
So hard
To do everything thatís expected of me
To live up to the high standards
That everyone else has set for me

I try
So hard
To put the disaster thatís my past behind me
To live with the forgiveness that everyone pretends
But knowing that they can never really forget

I try
So hard
To deal with the guilt that I carry each and every day
To face the shame of a life poorly lived
And knowing that I can never really forget

I try
So hard
To believe that I have really changed, for the good
To leave the temptations of addiction behind me
And to know that I am the only one who really knows

I try
So hard
To hold my head up and high and to keep on marching
To hear the rhythms of my own peculiar beat
Till someday, I am the only one that remembers

A Cute Black Hole Syndrome


Lee Evans

The nexus appears below me,
another mass attraction,
one captured quantum singularity,
sucking me down a deep gravity well,
releasing all negative energies
while charged dustclouds remain.

Countermeasures and countermands,
failing to amend the data received.
Sensors reading megahurts
and massive subspace painquakes;
Energy levels dropping rapidly:
A Cute Black Hole Syndrome

Z-axis towards the abyss.
Massive retrothruster bursts;
relative motion stopped at the edge of the precipice,
altitude, attitude, momentarily stable,
inertial dampeners all off inside,
holding steady, but only under harsh manual controls.

Alien to my world approaches,
seeming friendly, but our translator malfunctions.
I reach for him; surprised when he lets go.
More shocked than anything else.
Now my entire universe is in turmoil:
A Cute Black Hole Syndrome



Lee Evans

Welcome to the major danger side of midnight
While you stand there on the bleeding edge of the precipice
I vent and spew my darkness, like a volcano
Great gaseous clouds, filling the air
With a pyroclastic residue, raining down
Obscuring your vision
Watch out for the bigger chunks
And I never put these things away until I am quite through playing with them
See this rising son of your eastern dreams
Is now become your great American nightmare
Hear how it screams
While lightning leaps like fingertips
Enjoy the mystery while your heart feels full of fears
Try to cry some without shedding tears
Itís in your history
No resistance to my existence
Sky so brown, soul so black
About to have a heart attack from the lack
Of all the colors that Death doesnít keep in his paint box.
Maybe if you close your eyes for just a second
I will go away
Maybe it will all be over soon

Maybe not_



Lee Evans

The soft evening shadows
Herald the setting of my soul
Here in my private little Garden of Bad-and-Evil
As the Vampyr within thus awakens
Haunted by his careless cravings
Vivid, vicious and vile
Driven by a never-ending blood-lust
Still searching for something to satisfy
This always unappeased appetite
But cursed to only finding
A daily diet of barely
Life-sustaining, cold Happy Meals
Yet searching for something more nutritious
To slake this terrible hunger-and-thirst
Ah, here is a potential prey
Another thrill to chill
Ready to receive my foul kiss
My breath comes to overwhelm
My gaze paralyzes your heart with fear
And all its fractured fragments
Coiled and crushing the life out of you
Welcome to The Night-Mere, Mortal !
Get ready to give it up to me
To feel my foul affections
My love is mutagenic
Causing a cancer on your surreal soul
Spreading my poison throughout your system
Then eating you alive
Swallowing you in one great gulp
Without even a little ketchup
Cutting you with the sharp black shards
Of this broken dark-side vessel
Devouring, digesting you one piece at a time
Trying to savor each morsel
All superficial calories
But no hearty protein
Chewing the fat awhile
And spitting out the bones

Damn !
Almost dawn,
And I'm still hungry...