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Stacey Esterow


Manalapan, NJ, US

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Stacey Esterow

Friends come and go,
Like the moon and the sun.
New ones will form,
As old ones are done.

Some friends,
Aren't always there to stay.
I had to find out the hard way.

They are there one day,
And gone the next.
I have realized,
That life is quite perplexed.

What goes around comes around,
That's what people say.
But this is not a game,
I want to play.

The true ones come along,
Only once in a lifetime.
So don't forget,
That friends are prime.

The ones you keep,
Until the very end.
Those are the ones,
You can truly call friends.

Mark's Dragon


Stacey Esterow

I got a buddy named Mark. He has hair that is dark, and his skin is a light shade of brown.
Though his eyes are not blue he has a smile that's true, and it lifts me whenever I'm down.

Mark is special they say (in that Olympian way). To be honest its not hard to see.
It was there at the start, but its really his heart and his courage that matter to me.

'Cause my buddy has scars from the personal wars that he's fought since the day he was born.
But he ain't gonna stop--gonna come out on top--so there's really no reason to mourn.

At the end of it all, with his back to the wall, Mark will lay down the sword and the shield.
But the dragon will cry with Mark's spit in his eye "adios mi amigo. I yield!"