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Eliezer Espinosa


New York, NY, US

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Eliezer Espinosa

The time I thought I had a thought
I lied in bed thinking about thinking
Eyes fixated and wide thinking about blinking
lost in space I seemingly began sinking.

Thoughts_ Iíve never had them before
Although some ideas have knocked on my mindís door
At which point kindly I simply implore
"go away" and come no more.

My thoughts? My thoughts I greatly fear
I havenít heard from them in over a year
clear from them I try to steer
nevertheless they reappear.

Why do these thoughts bother me so
They demand to be thought of and so it goes
I wonder if anyone really knows
The thought of the thoughts that cause me great woes

I break from my trance and I look all around
Not a trace of a thought can surely be found
I look to the sides and I look up and down
And no trace of the thoughts in which I constantly drown

So what from this can one conclude?
I must say I think my thoughts are really kind of rude
Oh the thought of a thought leaves me in a really bad mood
Back to square one with no clue of what to do

Itís a love hate relationship that I have with my thinking
No longer fixated my eyes begin blinking
Perhaps it wasnít a thought that I thought I was thinking
Perhaps it was a mere thought for which I was wishing.

I say that a thought is a mere mental stall
So in retrospect I think that I had no thought at all.