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Hollowed Out



And so hollow inside
And so dead
And nothing has meaning
But the meaningless itself
I watch myself rot
I watch my mind fade
I wish for something
An eternity of greyness layed out before me
Like a tapestry of my whole life
A life which has barely begun
I feel my mind slipping
And I pray to a god
Any god
Grasping for faith like a blind man grasps for solidity
Stumbling all over myself just to find light
And I see my insides spill out of stomach
Full of nothing and devoid of reason
This feeling is pure
Pure like venom coursing through my veins
Cold and dying and hoping and praying
The roses of my past withering away
The stones of my future crushing my soul
(like I had one in the first place)
nothing is all I have left
the only lifeline from oblivion
and my eyes bleed
and I taste the blood
and it is sweet, tainted blood of this poison body
saturated with my own pain
self destruct