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Tony Erra


Kiev, Ukraine

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Tony Erra

Gallop, my horse, go on,
Gallop far into dawn.
I ride to the goal, to my lovely gal,
Gallop, my horse, go on.

Gallop and care, my steed,
There will be pain and the steel
Hunting for strangers, but I know this danger,
I can feel love indeed.

Fly, my mad destiny, fly,
No other goals in my life.
If my love's still beyond the sea,
I ride across the sky.

No place for sadness or hate,
To meet my love is, oh, so great.
Oceans or mountains lay between us,
I'm going on, you just wait.

Fly, insane history, fly.
There'll be no rest for me while
I'm only one and somewhere my love
Waits for me, waits all these times.

Time counts


Tony Erra

Time counts down, down,
The story of the whole nations ends
Like a sand in the sand-glass, time falls now,
The Road of The Falling Time betrays...
We're going on anyway,
Insighting all betrayals,
There are the lands of pain
Where time is travelling

But time will never touch your mind,
Time will never touch your mind,
Time will never hurt your soul,
Be fine.

Time counts down, down,
There will be other meetings after you.
Maybe, I guess, the life is like a flower,
'Cause every bee brings something new for it...
We're going on anyway,
However our roads
Will never cross again
And never our time returns

But time will never touch your mind,
Time will never touch your mind,
Time will never hurt your soul,
Be fine.



Tony Erra

Shadow's looking for a sister,
Shadow's looking in the world,
Shadow's coming on the random way, not using a system,
On the night when lights shine like a gold.

Shadow is consist of the poison.
It's the poison of feeling pain
Shadow's looking for someone who's feeling sadness also
Like a broken bridge of love in a rain.

Incredible, the light of the second story from the new age,
You can't account features of this time,
And usage of them is defined for you
If you leave world to live inside it

Shadow was borned as a story,
Shadow's living as a curse,
Shadow's making love when dulling lights of failed glory
Sign direction of the way it was
N'guide you through the sandy lands it holds

And even the time of madness can't stop it,
And even the land of the sun light can't win it,
And even the history cannot explain its existance,
But every child knows: on the top of the night
You can win this fight, fight with the shadow
At the short distance...

Shadow's living at the present,
Shadows come to life from us.
Shadows are multiplying more and more and someday in events
Shadow will look at you with lighting eyes.