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Rena Leanne Erickson


Lamoille, IL, US

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Something To Think About


Rena Leanne Erickson

CENTER> Endearing thoughts
Spin through my head
Worries and troubles
Often mislead
emotions of love
yet to reveal
For words go,unsaid
Only to know what I
feel is real
Empathy for mankind
as I kneel
Before the most,
highest,powers of
The One that towers
the tall
Over the trees
Umongest the seas
Within the breeze
beneathe the leaves
I just hope everyone
As I do
Through the
The one and the only
Creator of all

**My Childern**


Rena Leanne Erickson

My Childern,
mean every thing
to me!
How much I love
them I would
like for you
to see...

They help me cope
with realitiy
a world
of lost hope!
They are my every
For,when I lay awake
at night
Being aware of what
they share
How,I want to
them in
my special care
Keeping them
close when they
are to fear...
Wiping there eyes
When they, tear...
think the best
part of all
Is to hear them
"Oh, "Mother"

~~~ Love of a tender moment~~~


Rena Leanne Erickson

Is the sun setting
across a beautiful
The clouds of white
float through the
blue sky

Silence golden as
the sun
as you inhale the
crisp clean air

With each breath
you take
Standing near the
Not a single care

Love of a tender
You are to share

As a rose bud
opens for the first
A butterfly flutters
along with your
Birds chirp and sing
whispering music in
your ear

Now the sun will
But memmories do

Nor does love of
a tender moment

At My Request


Rena Leanne Erickson

Do I have the right to ask
for your request?
Or permission for you to pity,
my pain?

Do I have the right...
to ask for your desire?
Yet my love may go astray.
Empathy and sympathy...
That burrows inside of my soul.

For of my hidden shame.
True equation of my mind,heart.
Emotions, devotions, yet to regain.
At the grasp of my identity,
is the quest of being.

Under statement that is usually,
goes unseen.
The fire,rage,that burns inside
of me...
Echoing shadows, that cast darkness,
Within its self.

Of whispers in the wind.
Like a candle with no flame.
Corruption of worth of ones name.
Lingering in the inner strength,
of your existence.

Overwhelming strategy laying, upon your skin.
upon your skin.
Not having to pretend.
My request is what you know.
Of what my life is.
And how it may grow.

Reassuring myself of entirerty
Being loved as long as I am here... And not pretending,or forgeting...
of who I use to be
and what I once was.