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Lee Eric


Hemet, CA, US

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Lee Eric

I'm not gonna sit still and learn the game, you see
I mean why wait for rules
that spill from your tablet
like the chaff of a bland cracker
you're much too caught in a process
I would gather
so I'll skip this nasty habit at last
and ask you leave me be

You see, I swim unbruised, naked and thin
in surreal seas
beads of cerulean eyes by the acre
are the teal ball massage that loves me
they won't stress
or worry about my form as
I press against them, rather
they are an effervescence on my breast

Yours is an uncalled for order, I surmise
a less than delectable taxpayer structure
unpainted, hated, compromised
it could well be that marketing will lie
this may be so
but even the plastic retail racks already know
the improbabilities of loving law
and status quo