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Lin Ennis


Los Angeles, CA, US

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Six Parts Wisdom


Lin Ennis

Keys trip under fingers and doggerel flows,

But what can I tell you that no one else knows,

What tale can I tell that has not yet been told,

What wisdom impart now before I grow old?


The trait that we love is the one that we hate,

What thrills us is only by increments great.

Your evenness pleases, your moods are low key,

In big enough doses your cool is chilly.


Loveís pleasures are formed as we consciously choose,

It doesnít just happen by cuddle and snooze;

You open your soft spot and speak with respect,

Excitement and sparkles to deeply connect.


A wish to be happy is just not enough,

The world will assault you, you have to hang tough;

Great attitude follows great action and choice,

A feeling thatís chosen and claimed by your voice.


The older you get, the more you must knowó

Your mindís your best asset (your body hangs low)

Forgetting is nothingóYou know that you know!

When memíry emerges your brilliance will show.


The wiser you are now, the more you cut slack

To dullards and upstarts who gain at your back;

When power to youth is bestowed itís abused

By ignírance of how much it costs one to lose.


The pin pricks of life may bring tears to your eyes,

Theyíre all of the same cloth thatís dressing you wise.

...I may not know much, but the half is not told

Of how much Iíll know when I know that Iím old.