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Andrea Ennis


St.John's, NF, CA

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Music is Like Life


Andrea Ennis

Music is like water, an ever flowing stream
which beyond each bend - smooth or sharp-
has rapids that glisten and gleam.
Some are more gentle than others,
yet some are fierce and strong.
But every one that passes by
seems to carry a beautiful song.

Music is like wind, a gentle summers breeze
which carries so much voices
that every person it must please.
Some pass us oh, so quietly,
yet some are loud and strong.
But even when the wind has stopped,
a voice still lingers on.

Music is like fire, a fierce burning flame
which carries out its anger
on an object that's not to blame.
Some flames rise higher than others
for the fire burns within.
But some flames quickly fade away
for they didn't know where to begin.

Music is like life, a day that bears a flower,
which brings us so much happiness
in every passing hour.
Some days the sun shines brightly
yet some, the rain pours down.
But in every living creature
there is music to be found.