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Andrew Enloe


Henderson, TX, US

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Ice And Darkness


Andrew Enloe

Its agian a wintery night, I sit alone in the candle light. Through open fields I once did roam, but now this shatterd heart is my home. I have toiled many dreams, seraching for A place to be free, but searching for a warm soft heart, upon which to give her mine. Months ago over many dreams, with a shatterd heart and blood stained soul, I only found cold hearts. I was turned away by vacant stares and fearful eyes, and forced alone in my dream, once I stumbled through ancient dreams, of blue skys and beautiful life, but her heart pierced mine I desicrated my body and soul, and heart become black as coal but still longed, searched for you. The creep of winters chill, I found a better place to heal beneath the frost covered snow and thorn covered roses; I found to retire. My chamber is warmer only the fire in my soul but with an open mind I can still feel the cold in this place A simple canndle burns in my heart upon which those darkned words rest. Grumbling dreams and fr!
ozen over streams, my crys echo in my dying nights, she haunts me with every remmembered kiss to you I sing A long painful song and play my crying guitar, Isolation, lonlieness and increasing despair have replaced my beautiful creature without you breath. Sleep dosn't come easily to me, A piercing needle hangs over my heart I hope to see you soon, to end my lonely nights in my anguished room. In this cold dream the wind wails. My heart moans under, I wait for the snow as the wind wails, forever blows for now my journey is done but I will wait for her my beautiful one. Until I wait alone in
Ice Cold Darkness.