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Eric Engert


Houghton, NY, US

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An Offering


Eric Engert

One thing in life
Is my desire,
To be in your presence
Where I never tire.

To spend time with you
And walk in your light,
To see through your eyes
As you give me sight.

You show me such patience
Such undeserved grace,
You tell me that someday
I'll look on your face.

I stumble and struggle
Yet you love me still,
I pray, dear Lord,
You'll show me your will.

Take this small offering
As a token of love,
With hopes that someday
I'll see you above.

A Thousand Sparrows


Eric Engert


How many sparrows am I worth to you?
And how many hairs are on my head?
I am blind, and I can barely
Comprehend these things you've said.

If you really are Creator
Of this universe I see,
Why would you even care
About a minute part like me?

You're God, so don't you have
To think of bigger things?
Like the planets and the sun
And all the problems mankind brings.

Yet you said that you do care
And you've proven it to me,
You sent your only Son
To die upon the tree.

He bore all of my sins
And through your awesome grace,
I know you always love me
And each challenge I can face.



Eric Engert

Falling...Falling...through a dark and timeless void,
The large majestic body screamed for life he once enjoyed.
His plan for overtaking the Lord's majestic throne,
Had forcefully been vanquished - out of heaven he'd been thrown.
Now with all his demons he devised a sinister plan,
He'd hit God where it hurt - he'd steal the soul of man!
So he found his way to earth, this large terrestrial ball,
And slid into a serpent, to on his belly crawl.
He found the man and woman and conned them fiendishly,
He coaxed them into eating the fruit of the forbidden tree.
Then back to hell he flew on his huge and powerful wings,
To join his hissing demons who praised their victorious king.

But meanwhile up in heaven, the Lord's great face was grim,
He looked upon His only Son who looked right back at Him.
"My Father, I will do it," came the Son's brave reply,
"So be it," spoke the Father as He sadly closed His eyes.
The Lamb of God was chosen to go down to the earth,
In the form of a little baby - a poor and humble birth.
But His parents watched Him proudly as He grew into a man,
The prophecies fulfilled to carry out God's own plan.

The decisive time had come - a battle to the death,
Satan pounced with fury as the Son drew His very last breath.
Sin and Death had conquered, the Lord bowed His majestic head,
The angels wept in anguish for the Lamb of God was dead.
As Satan strutted proudly he felt a chill run up his spine,
He turned and watched in horror as his demons moaned and whined.
The One he'd just defeated - he'd killed with Death and Sin -
Had risen to His feet, had come to life again!
Sin and Death no longer held the power to destroy,
Thanks to Christ the Saviour who stymied Satan's ploy.
Then God the Father opened the gates of heaven wide,
And took back His own Son, who for men's sin had died.

As I think of what Christ went through to save me from my sin,
I just can't help but cry from the joy I feel within.
How much He must have loved me, for His life to give,
To give me brand new hope, and a chance to live.
Someday, I will thank Him when we're face to face,
I'll tell Him how I'm grateful for His mercy and His grace.

My Awesome God


Eric Engert

I was drowning
and there was nothing I could do to save myself.
I called out to the Lord
and He saved me.
My God is an awesome God!

I am stubborn and get myself in trouble
yet He loves me anyway.
I wander away and get lost
but He always finds me and pulls me close.
My God is an awesome God!

I am a sinner and test His patience
but His mercy is overwhelming.
When I needed Him most
He loved me even more, and put a fire in my heart.
My God is an awesome God!

My abilities are so inadequate
yet He uses even me.
I will serve Him forever
may His name be glorified.
My God is an awesome God!