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Eric J. Emmerling


Budd Lake, NJ, US

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Waterfall Wisdom


Eric J. Emmerling

I saw a waterfall one day
Its crystal waters sparkling
And as I watched its droplets play
I seemed to hear it saying.

"Welcome to you oh child of earth
Now put away your fretting
And listen to my song of mirth
Your cares and strife forgetting.

And as you watch me you will see
The dance of life unfolding
The joy, the pain, the mystery
The key that life is holding".

And so I stopped and gazed awhile
To watch the falling water
And as I did I had to smile
At all its playful laughter.

"Now child of earth why do you frown
What causes you to worry
Now watch me as I tumble down
Don't be in such a hurry.

Relax and let your mind now rest
And put aside your pining.
I'll treat you as my special guest
My care to you assigning.

I'll heel you of your cares and fears
If you are truly willing.
I'll wipe away all of your tears
As you, with joy, Iím filling.


And as I sat and watched the show
My peace began to deepen
And I began to feel and know
The joy within me sleeping.

And as it woke the joy became
A fountain in me springing
That bubbled up and out it came
And started me to singing.

The song that was when earth began
The melody eternal
The harmony that ages spans
And gives us bliss supernal.

And then as if it was a dream
I found myself then staring
At just another mountain stream
And felt myself then caring

For all those things that will not stay
When time comes to its ending
For all those things that will decay
And crumble without mending.

So I continued on my way
But always ever after
Remembered the words I heard that day
And the waterfall's gentle laughter.