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I know that your leaving and I cant bring you back
But I wish so much that I could change that.
No one can ever take your place
every where I look I see your face.

Every one misses you from head to toe
But theres one thing u should really know.
ill send you every picture
ill tell you every word
ill remember you for ever
ill protect you don't be skerd.

From the day that i first met you
Until the day that we die
Our friendship will never end
and we will never say good bye

I made a wishing well with my tears
but I know it will be ok
Because I know that in my heart you are here to stay.

And as the tears run down my cheek
I think of how Joni is so sweet
so for get me not and always remember
we will be best friends for ever.




you call me black but that is not my name
you may not know this but inside we are the same

why do you judge me by the color of my skin
in gods eyes that is a sin

you kill me with your words
wou stomp on my back
you shatter my heart
because i am black

but i wont let you bring me down
and i wont let you push me on the ground

so try to hurt me all you want
say any thing you please
as much as you try you wont succeed

because no matter what you do i still have my pride
in the ned you will be one that is pushed aside

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