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Chi Elmore


Colonial Heights, VA, US

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Chi Elmore

Indepthly I surrender to your special will even if I can't sit in the day forgotten like class but at night I dream of new strung visions "what is it like" heavenly sass A Son the Father a Spirit my soul if I'd forget remind me soon If I remorse memories survive I died to self like the pity I survey on timeless tables the message I convey but to think of such a great loss gain a life for the death of a friend to you my Lord a healer a lover a hope of a life in a murder my life your death foriegn this world try to mesmerize my mind helpless in a sea of information looking for the satisfaction of my soul Jesus name swells in my heart like light through a spectrum love flooded the gates of my being content in his him he my faded mine weaker i smaller in the eyes of man I suppose