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Jeanne Ellmore


Essex, England, UK

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Heroes of the West


Jeanne Ellmore

Who were the heroes of the West,
The man with a bullet hole in his vest,
Or the man whose aim was surely best,
Who were the heroes of the West.

William Bonney alias Billy the Kid,
From gunfights and trouble rarely hid,
Broken and betrayed he met a violent end,
Shot by Pat Garrett,his erstwhile friend.

Wild Bill Hickock,Marshal and civil war Scout,
Took on the task of flushing desperadoes out,
Never afraid of an outlaws attack,
Died when a coward shot him in the back.

Wyatt Earp,his brothers and the Doc,
Put the citizens of Tombstone into shock,
The O.K.Corral bore witness to their skill,
Of sending their adversaries to Boot Hill.

So who were the heroes of the West,
The man who had the power to arrest,
Or the man who made killing his quest,
Perhaps there were no heroes of the West.

A Cry In The Wilderness


Jeanne Ellmore

This beautiful planet so riddled with scars,
When we've destroyed our inheritance is the next step Mars?,
Pollution in the air from factories,from cars,
Hiding the wonder of the moon and the stars.

The birds in the sky,the fish in the sea,
Are nearing extinction thanks to you and me,
As rainforests perish so will we,
We have eyes yet cannot see.

Nuclear weapons have put us on the brink,
Of total annihilation in less than a wink,
As deeper and deeper into the morass we sink,
We have a brain yet we do not think.

Although Earth's storehouses are dangerously low,
They will be replenished and surely grow,
If caring and sharing are the seeds we sow,
Remember there is nowhere else to go.

Friend to the End.


Jeanne Ellmore

How I'm going to miss my faithful friend,
Suffering pain yet loyal to the end,
Watching his life ebbing away,
Knowing he won't see another day.

As a puppy,so full of fun,
He played in the park,relaxed in the sun,
Chasing shadows or leaves in the breeze,
Sniffing flowers that made him sneeze.

How I'm going to miss my faithful friend,
His broken bones I cannot mend,
The hurt goes so very deep,
Having to put my dog to sleep.

No-one to welcome me at the door,
Nothing to come home for anymore,
A whole new life I've tried to pursue,
But when he died,part of me died too.