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Stephen Elliott


Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

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Stephen Elliott

The power of the wind,
the strength of the kite,
The rider holds on with all his might.

As waves roll in,
the fear is born,
I carve the lip, boost and air,
spectators watch without a care.
At twenty feet the ohh and ahh,
as I climb higher,
they start to stare.

Who would have thought,
that wind alone,
could carry me high through the air.
Without a care, I land and smile,
my faithful kite,
by my side.

For my Friend


Stephen Elliott

For my Friend
He was our north, our south, our east, our west,
Our guide through the dark,
Our star to brighten up the sky,
Our family, icon, friend and all.
Taken from us so soon in life,
Through death and tragedy,
Death is such a cruel word,
Never dead, always alive in our hearts.
This poem I especially write for you,
To show my love for you,
As my friend, my teacher,
My idol, my brother.
There will be no more troubled times,
Because you will watch over us,
Our Guardian Angel in the sky,
Caring, loving all the time.

A Victory Never to Forget


Stephen Elliott

When through that misty darkness,
There came a light.
A light that shone so bright it scorched our eyes,
A golden saviour on a horse, glistening like the sun rise.

When watching, all our hearts missed a beat,
But yet something so surreal made us squeal with delight,
Then with a loud screech, the crowded Irish minds halted,
and the world inhaled their last breath.

Then came that moment when time stopped.
When that crown of pride was placed upon your head,
As my hero let tears slide down his cheeks,
A victory never to forget.

Lost in the Wilderness


Stephen Elliott

Lay me to rest by the sea,
And let my spirit ride the waves.
Singing and whispering,
Anthems of heavenly peace.

The waterfall of life ran dry,
When I sang my last sweet lullaby.
Silence now drains the soul,
Wretched lonesome godless muse.