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Mary Ellen


Utica, NY, US

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This Is My Life


Mary Ellen

This is My Life

Tonight my life ends as it began
Misery was my mother
Hate my father
Unloved as a child
never wanted
never needed
Always alone

Fear became my friend
the loneliness and anger
make me hard and cold

My mind is full of empty thoughts
My hearts aches

This is my life

Unfeeling I turn away
Not wanting to be touched I push away
Everyday is filled with pain.
No words spoken, no tears
left to shed

This is my life

A life where pain and sorrow have become the norm.
Soulless since conception
Empty since birth
A heart as black as night

This is my life

The demons control me now
The tought of death is warm and welcomes me.
When will tomorrow end and yesterday begin?
For me there is no heaven or hell

Just the prison of LIFE