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Getting throught the pain



I know you feel like nothings worth it
and you dont want to try
but hear me out, things will get better
someday you wont have to cry.
I know right now it seems so far,
seems so far away, but give it a shot
things will all work out soon,
it'll be better than you thought.
You wont wake up in the middle of the night
you wont sit around slicing your arm with a knife
You wont think that everything that matters is gone.
You wont look out the window thinking you've been wrong.
Trust in me, I've been through this
I know how it feels when its a hit or miss
You have to try, you have to be strong
you cant give in, it wont be long.
It wont be long till you look back and think of how it was,
it wont be long till you forget how it happened and think it was just because.
But you'll never get there
if you dont have faith, faith to move ahead
you wont get there if you dont believe
that your last tear has been shed.
Maybe you and I think there is no god
but, like me, there is that one for you
its a different god than everyone elses
that picks you up when your blue.
Keep up the strength, and picture your life
picture how its gonna be,
picture it that one day
when you know that your set free.
You'll be rid of all the heart ache
done with all the pain
all this crap you've been going though
will only help you gain...