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Brenda Robson - Eifler


Juelich, NRW, Germany

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Why Can`t We Accept And Admire ?


Brenda Robson - Eifler

Why can`t we accept and admire?
Must we always desire
Better than best?
System produced...
systematically induced
Wave of disillusioned...frustration.

No matter what we could
It the very best..
In fair contest.
Cultural creation..
With elation..brought forth..
All admire...?Proclaim it...good...?

Ah!...If only the fools would...
Blind fools! Blind to all wonder
Word assundered
By critical argument
They annihilate integrity
With super-imposed...superiority

The argument..."If I had made attempt
I could produce, present...
I am forced to ask...
Where is this miracle of `better than`?
Produced by, always ,imperfect man.