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Hanan Eid


Tripoli, Deir Amar, Lebanon

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Controlled by the devil


Hanan Eid

Controlled by the eyes of the devil
Information was bought to my attention
False advice was contribute to me
Became someone else, hated everything around me
Love doesnít exist in my world.

The story of my life, consist with the devil.
He captured my heart with the words my ear wanted to hear.
Told me things no one has ever said.
Protected me from enemies that never cared
Never did he take advantage of me, had me in sky 9

All too good to be true, he fooled me, never did he care
Took my spirit away, and left me heart broken.
He never really cared, only wanted what made him exultant.
Why was I so sightless to see? What you really were.
Now I am dead to the world I donít exist thanks to you.

Copyright © BuTTerFly LoVe ... [2004-10-02 09:28:41]

I'm drowning


Hanan Eid

Iím drowning in my tears of pain
Confusion gathers inside my head
Burning feeling inside my heart
Lost inside my mind all I do is think of distance.

My fiancť I no longer see, far away across the sea he stands.
My best friend I donít hang out with, miles away she is.
Late at night I cry and scream, where do I go?
Should I leave and run away and hide from the world?
Thoughts run through my mind
I canít bare to go on anymore.

Far beyond my control
I canít take a hold of my anger
Iím falling apart
But love and patience
Well one day restore my heart.

As I look in the eyes of the mirror
Saw nothing but me
Wanting to break the glass of hatred
Frustration rose inside my head
Heated through out my body
"BAM" shattered glass everywhere
Broke out in tears
Seat there thinking one day it will one day be over

Beyond Misery


Hanan Eid

Look far beyond misery
And face reality
Deal with what you have now
Donít compare your past with your present
Youíre only hurting yourself
No 2 are alike lose the past memories
And start a new
Break the ice inside your heart
And freeze your tears.

Subtract your memories of the past
Add more love to what you have
Multiply your family and friends
You get a whole heart instead of a half

Copyright © butterfly love ... [2004-10-26 20:26:21]

Never going to give up


Hanan Eid

Only if you can see how much you mean to me
I wish day and night for us to be
Even if I have to recompense
I will never let a min go by without a request

I dream of the day I get to see you for a second time
Making me the dime
Hugging me tight
Never letting me out of your sight

Not a day goes by I do not think about you
I hear my heart calling out to you
I want you next to me
Do you know how much you mean to me?

I use to feel your eyes follow my every stride
It was a fun ride
While it last
Now it is the past

I will not sit here and cry
However, I will try
To get you back into my arms
Making you my lucky charm

Remembering the time, we use to have
All the things you ever gave
I kept just in case
You came back to me, and said it was just a phase

I love you

The courge within myself


Hanan Eid

I search within myself the courage to proceed in this spiteful world
Never the less I participate in actions of life
Completely sacrificing my happiness for others
Passing by the time of sorrow
Wishing to never, see tomorrow
As I, sit there confusing myself to doze
Only to find tears that soaks my pillow
Trying to figure out how to go on
Not strong enough to live on by
I have to give up and say goodbye
Before I wound up living alone in the dark
Thinking about how I am such a dork
I gave you everything and you took me as a joke
My rage just penetrates from head to toe I use to be so nice
Now my heart has turned into ice
Brave enough to be tough I have to continue on living
I am mean as can be I am never forgiving
That is just me you see
Ií am only seeking revenge and anger
Now I am known as danger
Therefore, if I was you just walk
Then even think twice to talk

My Sister


Hanan Eid

When I am striving for help
Trying to survive
Enemies care out my name
Strangers brave enough to speak
The wounds that never healed
Restricted throughout the world
Hated all over the tri state
But only one had never failed me
Told the truth never lied
Was there throughout my life
Held me up high
Spoke with a lot of courage
Made me who I am today
Without her who I am now?

When I weep she was there
Through hideous circumstances she never botched
Never compared me to others
When she was around never did I struggle for lend in hand
Didnít have to try to survive
Because she was my endurance
My soreness and wounds she healed with just a smirk she gave
Through uneven times she cured my pain
Know who she is?
Sheís my sister
My world wouldnít exist if it wasnít for her

Words are just a saying


Hanan Eid

Words are just sayings
Looks are just an image
But Feelings are from the heart.
You came into my life and change me around.
Made me a better person.
I thought I couldnít make it, thought it was the end of life
Till you came along, showed me a different site.

You took my hand and lead the way
Showed me what truly lies beneath the eyes of the devil.
Now I go on living with confidence within myself.

Feed my head with right and wrongs, never wanted to see me fall.
Only you saw what was really inside my heart.
Now your miles away, canít count on you to come and comfort me.
Not welling to hear me cry, scream for help when I am down.
Searching for a help in hand, lost for answers I canít find.

Where do I go now? When youíre not around
Whom do I cry to? When youíre not around to wipe away my tears.
Fighting for someone not there is not worth it, so I have to walk away
Let things be, walk away and keep going with only memories within my heart.

To all the amazing writers


Hanan Eid

I seat here reading poems some reflect their life
Some reflect nothing but their imagination.
Taken in into their life and mind,
Never really think to yourself that this is really happening
People slaughter themselves because of others,
Others because of depression
Some seek tension
But never see it
Is life as vicious as it may seem
Howling in their forty winks
Spiteful and slicing as if it was right
Reliving their pain as they go out of control

Some write about their loved one
Running in the rain hand in hand
Never parting as they grow older
Love will never die
As they ride together till forever ending life

Some write about friendship
Friends are forever till the very end
Never moderate you as you please to do what you want
Always there for you when you need them
When you cry they seem to make you smirk
Overlook the pain and leave it behind
Giving their heart as you give them yours
A two way deal

Some write about distance
And how itís breaking them apart
Youíre loved one is never around
Some where out there
Canít comfort you when you are in need
Itís hard to please for itís really not love you see

Some write about internet love
And how they connect
They write emails everyday
And they never seem to miss a night
Without talking to their internet friend

Some write about how they are feeling
Down and never seem to be happy
Life is falling apart and nothing seems right
As they struggle to fight
For what they might think can satisfy their needs

All are astonishing writes but can anyone really understand
What they are trying to say
Only if they are going throw the same
Trying to not go down in shame
Completely tired of committing yourself
To what you think you might not survive the next day
All you can do to express your pain
Is by writing a down youíre emotion of melancholy and glee
Well all I can say is keep up the good work
As we all enjoy reading the remarkable writes we all enjoy doing.

Why Does it Hurt So Much?


Hanan Eid

Why does it have to hurt inside?
Why do I have to cry every night?
So many tears, Iím losing my sight
How come all we do is fight?

What has changed your mind?
Why are you so blind?
Why are you leaving me behind?
Why are you being so unkind?
Can you not feel my pain?

Why canít we just try?
Why is it that all we do is cry?
Why are you acting so shy?

Why are you being so shallow?
Why are you killing my sorrow?
How come you told me to follow?
Why did you tell me to wait till tomorrow?

Are you confused?
Donít you think Iíve had enough abuse?
Why are you taken up a fuse?

Why are you acting so tough?
Donít you think this is enough?
Donít you think this is already rough?
Do you not miss my touch?
Why does it have to hurt so much?

A Poem For Lebanon (Drowning)


Hanan Eid

Watching t v 3 in the crack of dawn
As 3 missiles pound the land of my spirit
Watching children pray and longing to come across their parents
Holding tense to wishes wished
Holding tight and saying a prayer
As far-away grows further apart
Paradise seems to get closer
As the land of blameless drown down in sorrow
Battling for no reason praying to see tomorrow
Killings and separation seems to take exploit
Desperate people break down
As tears drain the eyes of innocents

Watching the other side of the world drown
As my heart breaks down
Seeing death before life can take its place
As prayers are being prayed
Innocent die during the prayer
As we hope glory will be held
Falling down, breaking down into tears kneeling to allah
Please donít let it be true donít take them away now
As they neglect to heal the pain
Leaving them with only wounds that well never be healed
Watching innocent mourn
Yelling do you not have any grief
Pleading them to stop
Imploring them not to
Begging them to leave

As they throw down another
Have you no heart
Watching kids playing
In a split of a second you take their life
So quick to take but so hard to give
Another thought and walk away
SO crude donít even look back to see what youíve caused
Just take a bow and toss what you used to take lives
Going back to rejoice what you have done
Knowing that deep down you just caused pain to many innocents
Drowning them with tears that run for the rest of their lives
Take a second thought before you take another life and drown down the innocents.

Who I am


Hanan Eid

In life there are so many different people
Not trying to be racial in any way
Just writing what I have to say
People like you are not afraid
When People like me just absorb
Taken Life as a joke is who I am
When you take it so serious and there is no one to blame
How we feel might sound lame
I go by the hour as if it was a game
On the other hand you take life by the minute that's just how you play
When I am lost and don't know what to do I just lay
But you just go on fighting till you get what you feel is right
Not trying to say your wrong in any way just saying your bright
I know I might not have anything nice to say
That's just because I am just scared
When I see you I put my fears aside because I know I wont scare
If you think I don't respect you, your foolish to even think so
Hiding beneath my feelings is what I do
Guess no one ever knows what others feel
But there is always someone to heal
The pain, sacredness, tiredness, angriness, and so much more
I know now I'll think twice before I speak
Get my drift
I have no money for a gift
So I'll Say sorry the best way I can

Getting Married


Hanan Eid

Throughout my whole like you made me your dime
But now it is time
I will always be your little girl Father
Don't worry so much Mother
I am going to be married
I know I am ready
I am going to be in good hands
I hope we will make it till the very end
He says he loves me
I feel his passion when he hugs me
He gave me the ring
And Said Will you join this king
And become his queen
Down on one knee
Most romantic thing I ever seen
It's not that hard to solve
I am going to take my vows
And wear my crown
Today is my night
Looking oh so bright
Nothing has felt so right
I am going to be your wife
For the rest of my Life

True Healings


Hanan Eid

Caught in one of your traps
I feel like crap
Donít even think you can put me on a strap
And claim I am yours
I am not one of your toys
Stop treating me like one of the boys
Stop rising your voice
And making so much noise
Always giving me false feelings
Sooner or later I am going to need true healing
Thought I wouldnít catch you cheating
One day youíre going to get a beaten
Maybe you will see heaven
Maybe not even
You need to learn your lesson
And stop your fusion
I am the one that got played
But you should be happy because you got laid
Now I am happy because you got aids
Who is laughing now?
Donít ask yourself how
Should be asking yourself who
Even though you hurt me
I wonít avoid you
Nor will I void you
Donít worry I will be there to hold you
I wonít ignore you
I canít judge you
I will be there for you
Doesnít mean I will love you
I wonít give you false feelings
But I will give you true healing