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Michelle Eichenberger


Everett, WA, US

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New Sensations


Michelle Eichenberger

Your touch drives me crazy.
So new, so fresh.
I've never felt this sensation,
So soft and pure.
Experience seeps through your fingers.
Nervousness shines in your eyes.
Everything comes so naturally.
We've past the first step.
When do we reach the second?
Your kiss so tender, yet...
I'm anxious to leave so we can meet again.
I'm wishing for the world to stand still.
Every sensation awakens my heart, my body, my soul.
Every look dives deeper into my world.
If only this moment could last forever.

Lost in it's memories


Michelle Eichenberger

A tree stands alone
Lost in it's memories of better times
Times when it's leaves were green and rich with life
Now they wilt in the dimming sunlight
Who knew such a beautiful day would be the one thing
That drove all the beauty away
The sap ont he trunk falls like tears from it's eyes
Sticky and wet leaving nothing behind
It's a wonder that something so vivid and pure
Could be shattered by the one thing
That it believed in most
Makes you sit back and think
What happens when this happens to me?