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Jessica Egler


Noblesville, IN, US

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Jessica Egler

You knew right from the start,
You were going to break my heart.
You could have said something to let me see,
But no, a slap in the face is what told me.

It hurts so much to see you there.
While I cry, you just stare.
You told me that it just felt funny,
You just don't know what you're missin' honey.

The best relationship comes from a friend
All the others just seem to end.
You used to love me I know you did,
So now how can you act like such a kid?

I told you how I felt for you,
I opened up said all that was true.
But now it'll never be the same way
After what you did to me that day.

You said all those things, made a great vow,
And you wish you could take them back now.
You said to me you were just talking,
And know that you know, you're just walking.

I must move on, must get on with the days,
I just hope that the choice you made pays.
I hope you'll never regret, how you pushed me away.
I know I did, that last summer day,

When I wanted friends, I turned you away,
Only how I dream you'd of stayed.
I will wait a long time for you,
I wish that some day you'll again love me too.

I love you John, now more than ever
But, I have to hold on the friendship so that too, will not sever.

The Moment


Jessica Egler

I had my time.
I did the crime.
I lost your love for me,
Because it took to long for me to see
How much I really cared for you.

You moved on, got over me,
Nothing will change that, not even my plea.
I was blind, thinking of us
Just as friends, not any lust.

I had my moment,
My great hour of love.
I only wish it would have been the same
To you as it was to me.

To me it was right, a perfect kiss.
To you it wasn't, it was just a miss.
I thought you really cared for me,
You should have let me see,

There was someone else in your life,
You played me like a fool.
You ran me over, like a mower on the lawn,
How could you do it, my best friend John?

I never thought it could happen to my life.
I assumed you'd always want me for a wife.
I pushed too hard, I was too rough,
I just wish you weren't so tough.

This isn't over, this isn't the end.
No matter what you'll always be my friend.
That day just wasn't meant to be,
Oh, but don't worry, there'll be one for you & me!

there can and WILL be another moment